Its Really Monday

Selling stuff Saturday

Its Sunday. Im at the store. Its snowing. Packer game at noon. I should know better than to compete with the Packers. It will be slow. Thats OK as I have a lot of accounting stuff I can do. And I need to concentrate when Im doing that stuff. Its a chore. I hate chores.

Saturday I went to the Milwaukee swap to sell stuff. I usually do one or two of these a year. Its a all day affair. Sold a used bike and some close out stuff. While this was not the biggest swap of the year I did make enough to call it worth doing.

6 degrees

Was nice to see old friends from the beer town area that I dont see too often. All in all a good day.

I didn’t post Friday as I was out on a beach ride with Steve D. 6 degrees. Its been cold of late and forcing me to gather all my arctic gear out of the basement.

But other than that ride the last week was sparse for riding. Fridays ride was the only one since last Saturday. And with working the swap I wont get a ride this weekend either. Some weeks I get 10 hours in the saddle, even in the cold temps. Some weeks I get zero. No happy medium. And with the snow we have on the way Im thinking ski’s anyway. It wont be enough to groom but its a start.

So Id better get to the accounting stuff. I know your jealous. Glamorous life of a bike store owner and all. You should see how pumped I get when I clean the toilet. So I’ll be busy counting stuff tomorrow morn so consider this Mondays post. Unless something crazy happens to me. Which never happens.


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