Winner! 2010

I used to race quite a bit. 10 years ago I did the entire WORS series. I was not very good at it then. I was a mid pack Clydesdale. But I had a lot of fun. At the time I still owned a trucking company so I was making pretty good money. I went to the races in a Motor home. I attended my first race alone. I remember it well.

It wasn’t long before I met others from the area that did the races.


And soon I was driving to the races with a full RV. I think that was 2002. I did This for about 2 years before I got burned out. As the years my racing was less and less. I cut down to 6 out of 12 races for a few years. Then down to 4. Couple years ago it was 2 and last year was the first year I did no WORS races. However I did race twice this summer.

Keweenaw Chain Drive

Ore to Shore

As Im getting older its getting harder. Its harder to push my body. I really think I still have the wattage in the legs, maybe not as much but enough. But its not the legs or muscles that are heading south. Its the joints. I was told a little over a year ago that my knee is not repairable and needs to be replaced. Now a hip.

I’ll tell you what helps. Is the technology in the suspension bikes. Those things are back savers to me. And Im still looking at a EX instead of a Superfly for next year. I’ll have to sleep on that one tho.

I do have plans for a few fatbike races this winter. But really, those are just rides. Its worth the admission just to get to ride on the well groomed ski trails.


I also had a brief stint on 2009 on the velodrome. I was not half bad. No hills! Hard efforts for a short time. I remember coming off the track after a big sprint with my eyes crossed and forgetting who I was for awhile.

I even won a few. The pic shows me with the 20 bucks I won from winning a “miss & out”.  They pull the last a crossed the line until two left and your left to sprint it out. really, it was all about position. Smarted riders did better. I still have a track bike hanging in the store. I miss the track. It was fun.

Looking forward its always the end of the year I have big expectations. I think i will tend to do the “festavalish” races like Ore to Shore, etc. I like to make a weekend out of town or mini vacation out of it. Its just more pleasant to do. As opposed to getting up early, driving 2 or 3 hours to a WORS race, do the event and drive the 2 or 3 hours back home. Thats a bummer. But some of those are closer too.

I have very little criteria that constitutes a good race. Its a three point system.

  • Dont fall down
  • Dont finish last in your age group
  • Pass somebody, anybody late in the race.

So if all three criteria is met it was a good race. That simple.

It would be great to lose a couple pounds and get back in the game.

Maybe someday.


Wa da ya think?

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