Fat Evolution

Fatbike #1



So let me date my Fatbikes. Ive had a few as you would suspect.

This Surly Pugsly was the first. Most likely was the first for a lot of people who jumped on the bandwagon early. While there were some custom build alternatives at the time but the Pug was the first mass produced fatbike. 135 front and rear spacing that still remains to this day. I have a Pug due in the store for a floor model this week and there pretty much are the same as back then. This one was built back when everyone drilled there own holes in the rims. Now you buy them that way. I forgot the weight of that bike. Over 35 pounds I think.

Fatbike #2

So bigger is better, right? I ditched the Pug for a Moonlander.RSCN2860

Now this thing was a conversation piece. 100 mill wide rims on 5 inch tires. The king of fatbikes and maybe still is. I had this bike in the stores window and had to take it out due to the numbers of people walking in just to see it and ask about it. Even tho thats what you want a bike in the window to do the shop guys were spending hours during they day with the gawkers.  I had a lot of fun on the Moonlander. Many awesome beach rides. And lake rides as you see to the left. That wave hit me and went over the top tube moving me over a couple feet. I had the skills to stay on the bike. Another fun fact of that ride is that it was almost under 40 degrees. I was pretty cold after and had a 4 mile road ride back to the store. That kinda sucked. Anyway, I loved the float I got from the bike but in the woods it was a bit clumsy. It was around this time I was looking for a lighter, faster fatbike. Something I could still ride on the beach but still rip it up in the summertime woods.



Enter the 9zero7.

Stuff was evolving my way. Mass produced aluminum frames. Narrower rims with holes. Many choices of 120tpi tires. I was putting carbon anywhere I could. The bike came in at 28 pounds less pedals. I still had a heavy BB and crank. The Margelite wheels at 65mm wide were a huge step to my idea of a not so fatbike. This is the bike I raced last winter. I really liked it. But I was still looking for less fat, more fast.

Fatbike # 4

Then came my current bike, or bikes really. Treks Farley. I got this light blue frameset and started my build. Seatpost, stem and bar carbon. Sram X9 crank with a single Wolftooth ring. Brakes and the rest of the driveline is XT. One by ten. For wheels I made a phone call to Milwaukee and got a set of Schlick’s Northpaws. The wheelset I was looking for. Summer woods fast. Only 47mil wide with extensive cutout have these wheels light and fast. Love them. You can notice in this pic the higher profile in the tire. Overall, switching from 65 to 47mill wide rims I lost only 2mm of tire width. But got a way faster roll.

Other fatbike #4

So here is the current ride. Same stuff, just different frame as I decided to try a size larger.  Im not a fan of black and was a bit unhappy that all the larger blue frames were sold out(along with everything else) but it will do.

I did have plans to ride a 9zero7 Whiteout Carbon frame but as anything else, they have yet to ship. I cant wait that long. So with the current build the Farley is 24 pounds and change without pedals. Which are currently XTR’s so no weight there. Im really happy with it. Really, its been my only MTB for the last two months. Im sure in time I will have a carbon frame\wheels fatbike. Just not right now. Who knows, this bike is actually presold. If the pending owner complains loud enough I will have to build another opening the door to a plastic frame.


Wa da ya think?

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