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Hot\Cold w\ Resolution

Hot day in Vegas

I just came upon this pic from Vegas in Sept.

Then I thought that how weird it is that I have been on a bike at -8 degrees and 104 degrees. That is a temp swing of 112 degrees between the two rides

When you think about that its pretty incredible. Both rides came in Wisconsin.

Cold day in Wisco

This cold ride was sometime around 2006 or 7. Im not sure sure I could do that again. I do remember being cold but not bad. I was wearing about $1000 dollars of clothing if you include helmet and boots. At the time I thought nothing of this. Almost a three hour ride. Something like 35 miles.

Resting and drinking. Hot day.

Then there was the bike tour of 2012. July 4th week. 104 degrees on a 88 mile day. I drank 8 32oz Poweraids and did not pee once all day.

Here is my post that day.

Both hot and cold days was not a smart thing to do. But I lived to tell a story. Looking back I thought nothing of either day. While the hot day could have gone better I did prepare enough to not get in trouble. But it was close.

After reading the hot post again just now I really miss those trips. I did not take one this summer. I really need to set some time aside in 2014. In fact, that is my resolution. Take more time to do this stuff. Not work so much. (tough to do when you are self employed). Im thinking 2014 is finally the trip around Lake Michigan. Ive had that one planned out for some time now. At least 4 years.

Its time to start pulling the trigger on that stuff. Im not getting any younger.

So today I head into 2014 with some optimism. The store is doing well and I always set my sights high and will continue to do so. See ya next year.

Have a safe New Years.



Weekend Report.

905am  -10 degrees.  Steam off lake.
905am -10 degrees. Steam off lake. Snowman from warmer times.

Wow. No post since Thursday. I must have been busy. Today its bitter cold. And I have a bitter cold. I’ll need to go back a bit in time.I guess I’ll start with Friday.


Friday morn I laid down pretty much the best groom ever. I started at 8am and made it back to the store just in time to open at 11am. The ski trails were pretty much in the best shape ever. Or at least as long as my short memory remembers. Then, once back to the store it was a huge run on the ski rentals. For every set I had in the rental fleet (17) I had three people wanting them. Thats kinda stressful and a bummer to have to turn all the excess people away. Some people get pretty upset. Nothing I can do. But made for a busy day and I did not even think about posting.

Saturday had me on the group ride. If you could call it that. All 5 of us. I knew the group would be small with the skiing being game on. However I never completely ditch the bike. Saturday morn is bike riding time. You can fill in the rest of the week with skiing but I never understood ditching the one ride per week. I guess the good snow is here only a short time. Whatever.

The 2 hours one the bike felt like crap at first, but felt better as time go’s on. I sure can tell when its been awhile. I cant believe how bad I feel on the bike sometimes. Then I cant believe how fast that go’s away. And the ride back had temps near 40 degrees. Very pleasant. We all were overdressed at that point but the sun was out so nobady cared. It was a road ride but a good one none the less. Im glad I did it as the temps were about to dip in the negative per the weather dudes.

Sunday 1130am
Sunday 1130am

Sunday morn the temps started to plummet as predicted. So I grabbed the fatbike and headed for the woods. Just maybe the thaw then re freeze might make the snow hard enough to ride on. But no. It was still pretty soft at 22 degrees. So I headed to the beach and that was way better riding. Got in another hour or so on the bike. An hour later it was 17 degrees and dropping fast.

When I keep active my joints just seem to feel better all around. I just feel so much better after a bike ride and that carries into the night and next morning. A lot less joint pain. Even in my shot knee and hip. I need to keep active.  On the downer side of things my mega head cold is back. I feel like crap this morn. Completely unable to breathe with my nose. Hopefully it will back off in a few days. Its not going to get above zero till Wednesday anyway.

I am contemplating  the unthinkable. Setting up a trainer in the store.

I’ll wait a few days and see if it passes.


First Ski


Had a nice quiet uneventful Christmas. Just the way I like it. It was very pleasant.

Now that the snow is here its game on. I love winter. I love playing in snow. Every year about this same stage  of winter I have big plans for skiing. I dont own a pair of skate skis but would love to try it. I have a ton of people who would borrow me a set. I dont stock them in the store. Just not a big call for it. Im sort of a classic guy anyway. I love skiing the smaller quieter trail systems.

But yesterday I took a Christmas lap around the State park I groom and I must say it damn near killed me. My bad knee was just not working right. It hurt a ton. And with that I pull back on my skiing ambitions. Back to just classic.

It was that bad. Bad enough to swear out loud. Bad enough to have the mindset to either lose weight or ditch it.

For me, bike riding with my extra weight is easy. I dont know why. It just is. Definitely easier on the joints anyway. So I just dont notice how bad my body is aging when I ride. Sure, going uphill is a chore. But not impossible.

But when I do something else, like skiing, Im reminded that Im not in such good shape. I cant fake it like in cycling. And I suffer greatly.

One would think that being in the profession Im in I would pay attention to that more. But again, I ride good enough. Not great but good enough.

Im not sure what it would take for me to hit rock bottom in the weight dept. but that 2.5 mile attempt as skiing came close. At what point am I going to think that I need to lose weight or just ditch everything.

I love being outside and I love to ride and ski. So I cant let that happen.

Ive got some thinking to do.


Snow Is Here


Its seems like weeks since I posted. But just last Friday. So I’ll have to back up a bit.

Saturday I did not ride. I woke up, dressed to ride, walk out the door and found that I left the key on in my car. Battery dead. Cripes. So I put a charger on it and headed back in the house to undress and have some breakfast. An hour later I was good to go but a bit upset that I missed my window to ride.

Sunday was my last Sunday open till spring. And with the ongoing snowfall it was slow. Now I can ride more on Sundays. Or ski. Either works.

This morn I spent about 5 hours on the groomer whipping the trails into shape. The 7 inches of snow we got was plenty. The trails are in perfect shape right now. Best in years. Tomorrow morn I might get out on them before the store opens. Shorter hours just till 3pm tomorrow also.

Of course with the Holidays upon us I pretty busy. Between the store, grooming and shopping I do not have a lot of time to myself. But thats what the Holidays are all about. Being so busy you cant do anything you really want to.

Im not a big Holiday guy. But I do enjoy all the kids and grandkids coming over. And thats what I’ll be doing Tuesday till Thursday. As you get older I think you have less to do during the Holidays. And thats OK by me.

Next post most likely Thursday. Unless I find time for a quickie tomorrow morn…

Get outside.