Black Friday

Bike trax on beach 915am

Yesterdays Holiday went well. Family over. Bike ride in morn. 6 of us left the store at 9am for a beach ride. I had planned on using the Trucker but someone showed up with a Moonlander so I took the Farley.  I owned a Moonlander and forgot how big those 5 in tires on 100 mil rims were. Made my 3.8’s on 47 mil look like a road bike. 20 miles of beach, road, woods. Good way to start the Holiday.

Turkey Day morn.

Got home in time to watch the Packers pretty much end their season so now I can move on in that respect. No more football to watch means more ride time. I did get in a little R and R as I turned off the game to watch a little Napoleon Dynamite. A ritual every other month or so I do.


Today is Black Friday. The store will be a bit busier than usual but not like the department stores. They have built this black Friday thing up themselves so they can deal with it. I never understood why. You have a month to sell stuff yet you mark it down to sell it on one day. Most likely running out of some product and causing added expense to restock. I guess it works for them. I do have a sale, but you don’t need to get here at 3am to take part of it.

I hear story’s in my family of people getting to bed at 6am this morn from shopping all nite. Weird.

I think people now do that cuz its more of a “happening” than anything else. Like a concert or a circus. Or a festival of some sort. Anyway, its just weird.

I’m in the store all day till 7pm, I have accounting stuff to do in between selling stuff. And I know of one guy who is stopping in to buy a Trek 7.5 Speed Concept Project One. (You know who you are). So it should be a good day.

Tomorrow will be the breakfast ride in the morn. Historically, the Saturdays of any Holiday week has the ride pretty well attended. People back in town. It looks like the temps are on the rise so a beach ride might not work (at least for a guy my size).

But whatever. It’s always a good ride. Have a good weekend.


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