Scored a Double

Heres a first. Thats the US Roger Blough on the right and the Canadian Atlantic Huron on the left.  One heading down to Gary, IN. The other up to Lake Superior. 20131127_094342My first double pic.

Yesterday I made the decision to stay open an hour longer during the week. And to once again open Sundays. Just up to Christmas. Thats only four Sundays. I can handle that myself. I think. I know that it sure could not hurt to be open more, but I do have my sanity to think about. But the Holiday season is very important to a bike store. Can make or break a winter(if there’s no snow).

Then there’s the fatbikes. To date I have none on the floor. Im getting two around the second week of December (Trek) and they are both sold. Even the bike Im riding right now is sold when Im done with it.

I might just get a Pugsley in here to at least have one on hand. And maybe a 9zero7 frame. I have a build kit here waiting to go. Availability is still crappy in the Fatbike front. Tires, wheels and stuff hard to get. Im going to spend some time calling around to build up the fatbike presence here.

I am, of course closed tomorrow and am planning a ride from the store. Maybe Friday too. And of course Saturday. And Sunday also at least in my mind… oh wait. Im working Sunday…..

Have a great Holiday.


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