Surly Disc Trucker

Current winter mode.

I’ll talk a little about my Surly Disc Trucker. The bike I am currently riding and pictured in yesterdays post.

Its all about the touring, which I did sadly none of this past summer. In summer of 2012 I rode up to Eagle River, WI in blinding heat and also did a quickie up to Door County,WI. Each ride was 4 days. I love touring. I love touring by myself. Self supported.

Anyway, thats why I got the Trucker. My first tour was in 2008 and I was riding my then cross bike Pinky.

2008 on Pinkie

Here I am in 2008 heading north with no agenda. I had a buddy ride me the first 15 miles or so out of town.

The Burley trailer, rack and rear bags and a wheel was borrowed. Along with my tent and mattress. I owned the sleeping bag.

I was gone 18 days and put on about 1000 miles during the ride. I was hooked.

2012 on Trucker

Here is 2012 and Im on my way to Eagle River, a town I also hit back in 2008. Gone is the trailer, replaced with panniers. When I travel by bike I carry almost 60 pounds in the bags. Thats everything. Tools, clothes camp gear and food, etc..

Here I still borrow a tent, but everything else is mine. Let me tell you, low weight camping stuff is expensive. This was a bit of a rough ride as temps soared to 105 degrees.

Here is a post during that  ride.

So that brings me to my thoughts today. The bike. I spec’d it with 26in wheels. Just much more durable. I did not notice any added resistance due to the smaller wheel. In sure there is some, I just don’t notice it. The tires are Kenda Qwest 100 (air) pound tires. 1.5 inch wide and they work well. The disc brake is much needed as the Trucker I had before that was rim. Heading down the big hills in Door County was a crap shoot weather I was going to stop when I needed. Besides the cargo Im all of 250 pounds. Quite the task to stop. BB7’s have no problem.

But now, in winter they get ditched for 2.0 MTB tires. All the racking comes off. I take off the Brooks saddle too. Its not the seat you want riding thru the woods trying to keep up to the MTB’s. Plopping your ass on it during a tour its the best. For our Saturday ride this is about as good as it gets. You still have the tires to ride the woods and beach but still can get in the drops on the road.

So even tho the bike sat in a corner of the store, fully bagged and ready to go, it now gets the call and comes off the bench and will be the bike of choice pretty much all winter. Taking over the spot currently held by Treks Crockett. (BTW, that bike is for sale…)

So even tho I now get to ride that bike I am eager to wait for the day that I put the racks and bags back on, change out the rubber and head north again.

Most likely all by myself.


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