Change of scenery

Today 845am

Just a few posts ago I mentioned the end of fall. The orange forest floor is gone. Now white. Took both pics standing on the same spot. As Im sure you can tell.

I didn’t ride today. I could have. I was ready in a way. Except it was 28 degrees at ride time. Yesterday it was 42. Tomorrow morn will be in the teens. Such huge swings in temp have me scrambling for clothing\layers. Ive said this many times before but I suck at dressing myself. Once it gets cold and stays cold I’ll figure it out eventually. But the 20 degrees swings from one to the next has me always two steps behind. I had errands to run today, but really was confused as to what to wear.

Tomorrow will be a cold ride. I’ll pull out all the clothing I have and lay it out for the morning. And hope I get it at least close. I should be OK tho…

Tomorrow should be the first Saturday group ride on the beach. While the conditions are never for sure, it looks like the sand should be frozen in the morning. And that should bring out more riders. The group could be over 20 bikes. Pelotoning down a frozen beach with 20 guys (and gals) at 20mph is something most of you never experienced. Its really something that cant be described. I’ll try and get some pics but if the group is on the rivet by the time I pull out the camera, snap a pic and put the camera away the group is gone and Im chasing. It can be that fast depending on conditions.

DSCN2311So its game on.


Wa da ya think?

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