Thinking Ahead

Peninsula Park Feb 2012

I can’t wait till winter. I love snow. I love all the cool thing you can do on snow. I like change. So ditching the road bikes for a few months is no problem for me. I really enjoy skiing. I don’t skate ski. I never have. I don’t race or try to keep up to anyone at anytime. I just love being in the woods and getting a workout and having fun doing that. Like bikes, Im solo most of the time on ski’s. Most of the people I group ride with all skate. And its not that I would not want to ski that way, I just don’t have the time to put in to do it right.


Then there’s the fatbiking. And there is a million ways to do that. From snowmobile trails to beach’s to hiking trails. Many rec areas now groom bike trails and with the popularity we should see more and more of that. And its all good. I can see taking some weekends and heading to some fat bike destinations. Like Marquette,MI. I don’t need much of a excuse to visit one of my favorite little towns.


Soon these rides will be available to us. I cant wait.

Fat Bike Birkie March 2012

And so far Im entered in the Fatbike Birkie and the Noquemanon(in Marquette!)

Two great races in two of my favorite towns. So I’m exited when winter has its turn. I have a lot to do during that time. Im pretty exited too when spring returns but I’ll make the best of it until then.


Wa da ya think?

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