I’m calling it.


One last gasp of fall. The leaves cover the woods like a bad 80’s shag carpet. The ground was once green but is now orange. Hopefully soon to turn white. So thats it. Im calling fall over. And very early this year. Last year fall went well into December. Other years to. But not this year. Temps are set to plummet this weekend. Highs in the upper 20’s. Lows in the teens.

That means beach ride is possible on Saturdays group ride. It looks like its going to be cold enough but there are many circumstances that need to happen for that. Need moisture in the sand and no sun. I will get all my full on winter stuff out before hand. Ive had them on once already this month so Im ahead of the game there. I’ll need to prep the winter bike. I still have not done that.

I found out yesterday that my sickness was in fact a stomach flu. With three of my family members now down with it. Still, its been day 3 but really day four without any coffee. I may go back to it, maybe not. Today, it still does not appeal to me. Wierd.

Today in the store is much of the same. Got a bunch of ski’s to finish waxing, I actually have a tuneup on a bike to do and now, prep my Surly Trucker for winter beach rides. It will be nice to keep busy today.


Wa da ya think?

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