Tuesday w\no bike ride.


Still under the weather. In recovery. Strangely, I have yet to drink any coffee since the Saturday episode. It just turns my stomach to even think about it. This weekend just might be a blessing in a way. I was eating way too much and being sick disrupted my eating patterns. I still am not able to eat very well. Maybe that was my bodys way of saying its time to knock that shit off. And stop drinking coffee? I only had about 16 oz of coffee in a day, yesterday and today that was replaced with 16oz of water. And that cant be a bad thing. We’ll see where this go’s.

This mornings drive thru at the park was a once in a year occurrence. That is to say I was the only one there. Not even a Ranger or any campers. Thats a first for this fall. Between today and spring there will be many days Im there alone. In a way, I prefer it. Very quiet. I like a lot of things quiet.

Today was supposed to be bike ride Tuesday but since Im a bit off I cancelled help today and will just work instead. Ive got my weekly morning rides planned for Thursday and Friday. I should be back in the saddle by then.  And then Saturday and Sunday to make up for lost time.

Today in the store: Wax ski’s and take inventory of all the Christmas stuff. I have way less window space in this store so some of the lights have to go outside. Not looking forward to that. I hate ladders.




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