Perfect timing for an imperfect time.

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Quite the interesting weekend. Sorta.

Things started fine as the group ride rolled out Saturday morn with a bit of mist in the air. It never rained but you got wet as you rode. I ended up cutting the ride short as someone busted his rear derailleur hanger off and was headed to someones house to get another bike. I opted not to sit and wait for the 20 minutes and kept riding. Swinging thru my usual hour and a half route.

After I got back to the store I stopped at a coffee shop that will remain nameless. Sat down and had a large coffee and a muffin. That was 1030am

By 1230am I was sick enough to go home from the store and lay down. By 230pm I was laying on the bathroom floor and puking my guts out. I think the correct term would be “projectile vomiting”. I have never puked with such power before. From that time, I puked every hour and a half until 9pm. With the last two sessions having nothing left in my stomach. I completely lost my voice.

I spent 21 hours in bed. I could not eat until 27 hours after it started. Im still weak today and my stomach muscles are still sore. Crazy. I swear I felt 100% fine before walking into that coffee shop. Even nailing down a couple intervals during the ride prior. But maybe I did have a flu bug hitting me and that was just coincidence. That, or I had food poisoning. Whatever, its over and done. I can eat again. I can talk better today but still sound like crap.

On the bright side, the weather turned to complete crap during the sickness and it pretty much was wind and rain during my downtime. I missed nothing pertaining to the outside. Perfect timing for an imperfect time.

Had that same scenario happened to me during the week I would have had to close the store as I would not have gotten any help in such a short notice. From the time I realized what was happening to laying on the bathroom floor was about two hours. Crazy.

So Im laying low still. Its funny how different my weekend was from what I was thinking even Saturday morn.  A lot can happen in a short period of time. How fast things can change.

Anyhoo…. back to work I go. I have ski’s to wax.


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