got up early to ride 645am

Got in a good ride this morn. An hour and 45 with Steve D, followed by coffee. Cross bikes. Woods and road and gravel. A nice ride before work is always a great way to start the day.


Saw this guy on the building next to mine while I was waiting for Steve. He\she wanted nothing to do with me. I don’t blame him\her cuz I think opossums are creepy. I wanted nothing to do with him\her either. And he\she was gone when we returned back. I think these guys are smarter than they show.

This weekend I will try to ride some. Im open all weekend and will attend the Saturday group ride in the morn if it’s not raining. Sunday I might go on some sort of road trip like when I went up to Peninsula Park a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll go there again. Who knows.

On today’s ride I felt terrible on the bike and that’s due to a full 10 more pounds like I had mentioned prior. Ive always been a bigger guy my entire life but there’s a line and if I cross it I feel it. And Im feeling it right now. Ive said this a million times so I wont say it again. Shits gatta change and Im the only one who can do it. And when I cross that weight line I have no choice. Its buckle down or stop riding entirely. LIke I said, no choice there.

So I hope the entire weekend is not washed out. Hope yours isn’t either.



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