Today I will post about big ships. Not sure why Im into them so much now. I think of it more like where are the going and where have they been sort of thing. When I see one I pull up a website to see all that info on the ship.

This is the Mesabi Miner.

Here is the site I use to watch them with.

This is the first time I have seen the Miner. Its past here many times before but never when I could see it. Every once in a while a ship passes from the Netherlands or Hong Kong. Thats kinda neat to see. They are a far way from home. Most of the ships passing here are either going to or leaving from the bottom of the lake. Chicago\Indiana posts. Mostly hauling iron ore to the steel mills. Ive watched several ships loading ore in Marquette,MI.

Loading ore in Marquette.

I think another thing that keeps me on this ship thing is the fact that after living my entire life on the shores of the lake I still love it so. From this new hobby to many childhood memories that lake has had me from the get go. I still spend about 4 mornings a week sharing coffee with it. A couple of days riding a  bike along its shores.

I even liked its Facebook page.

So I guess watching all the big ships pass thru is just another way to enjoy this great lake. And Im so fortunate to live yards away from its shores. I can even see it from the store. Its very cool to be here.

Its not all wine and cheese tho. In the spring the lake keeps us cold a lot longer than inland. In April and May it can be 15 degrees cooler here by the store than just 5 miles inland. Thats a bummer when you ride. Dressing correctly can be near impossible. We make due.

file foto

Because even tho it holds back our spring it pays forward in winter. You have to imagine how fun it is pelotoning down a frozen beach at 20mph. In this pic the sand is so froze theres a few cross bikes. Im pretty sure I was on one too. Ive had the fatbike on a frozen beach twice in the last week.

Most bike people do not like cold weather. Most riders want to go to the sunny west coast. I say no way. You show me pics of climbing Mt Lemon. I’ll show you stuff like this. And at least in my mind I win.

Heres to winter in Wisconsin!


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