As in most Tuesdays a bike ride was in order. And being it was 19 degrees it was frozen beach most of the way. Fellow fatbiker Doc R. joined me this morn. Its pretty rare that I get a riding partner on my morning rides and his guest appearance was welcomed.

Once again the temps had me fishing around in my clothing dept at home for the cold weather stuff for the first time only having my moderately cold stuff to date. At 19 degrees I had to dig up the heavy artillery. I found most of it.

The light dusting of snow added to the ambiance of the scenery. It made me want winter more than I already do. Im checking the weather sites almost everyday for 10 and 30 day forecasts. Its way too early for that. I would think we still have North American(Indian) summer still ahead of us but maybe not.


Yesterday I had a local resort deliver their rental ski’s for waxing. 20 pair. I have the table almost ready to go. I hope to spend a lot of time by this table this winter. I like waxing ski’s. Its kinda fun.

Along with those rental ski’s I have my 15 pair to do also. So right off the bat I have 35 sets to wax. Thats should keep me busy for awhile.

On todays bike store agenda Im going thru a series of website seminars over the phone. The company I use for the stores site has offered to teach me how to do stuff on the site. Its kinda hard and complicated and every time I wanted to change something I had to have them do it. So every Wednesday at 930 its a hour and a half on the phone trying to teach a old dog new tricks.

So off to school I go.


Wa da ya think?

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