Monday w/Snow

file foto

Its 9am on this Monday morn. As I pulled into the store two hours early its snowing like crazy. Almost a white out. Its strange to see. Its been almost seven months since Ive seen that. Im staring at it. Its starting to stick.

Pretty uneventful weekend. The store had a good week and Im thankful for that during this time of year. Im in the store early today to pay a boatload of bills, even some of Decembers stuff and that lowers the stress level heading into the Holidays. And write this blog…

This time of year is tough on me. Less and less sunlite. Ride times plummet and weight skyrockets. Right now Im at the heaviest of the year. Been gaining since my daughters wedding three weeks ago. A full ten pounds. Its uncanny how fast I can do that. Between now and the end of the Holidays is pretty much a disaster in the weight category. All I can do just to minimize the damage.

Tomorrow its going to be cold in the morn. Way cold. So I think I will plan on a beach ride in the morning. And not on my fatbike. I’ll use my tour bike. The Surly Disc Trucker.


So for a winter bike I strip this thing down. Racks, bags come off. Its a 26in wheel bike so I toss on some 2.0 MTB tires. And what I have will be a nice winter bike. Wider tires for the beach but still some speed on the roads. Soon that will be the only bike I ride besides the Farley. Im still bummed that I did not get a chance to spend a fews on it this summer. Thats my bad. But it was a busy second half of the summer for me. Next year I will be doing it for real. Twice if I can find the time.

Also this time of year I need to decide on what I want to ride\demo for next year. Road and MTB. Since I get these bikes on demo terms and dont have to pay for them for while it just makes sense to get the as soon as possible to put on the floor all winter. My only dilemma is MTB. Do I go with another ultra fast Superfly of take a step in the trail worthy direction with a EX. Im not sure how many races I would be doing next year. This year I did just two. Both in Michigan’s UP. This one in June. And then this one in Aug.

So Im on the fence on the trail bike sort of thing. Id much rather race a Superfly, but ride a EX. And even if I race the percentage is way more on the riding side than racing. But…. a Superfly is easier to sell afterwards. Of course I do have to decide between Felt and Trek. Its a Felt roadie and a Trek MTB. Just not sure which ones… I’ll have to sleep on it a bit.

I better go. I need to resume the glamorous life of a bike shop owner by paying bills and cleaning the bathroom.


Wa da ya think?

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