28 Degrees


Another glorious morning. After my last ride on Tuesday, it pretty much rained for about 40 hours. This morn, the sun is out and the temp of 28 degrees had me bolting out of bed and scrambling for my cold weather stuff. I had planned on riding later, maybe around 9am to let it warm up but once I saw that low temp the only thing I could think of was frozen beach.

So I got ready in record time, drove to the store and loaded the bike on the car. Usually, I would ride down to the spot that we jump onto the beach but thats a 20 minute ride and I didn’t want to lose the beach if in fact it was froze.

I unloaded and was on the beach in less than 5 minutes, around 815am. And yes, it was froze. I still had 25 pounds of air in the fat tires and no worries. I could ride 15mph easy on the firm sand. No float needed. First froze beach ride of the year. And on Nov 7th might be the earliest I can remember. 

Woods was awesome.

Maybe winter really is coming early this year. I hope so. I was on the waters edge for about 40 minutes and I could tell I was losing it. The sand thaws out fast. With the sun out its usually a matter of time. The sand soaks up the suns heat and the beach can thaw out even when its well below freezing.

So this was a good time to play with my pressure. I stopped and let some air out of both the front and back tire, careful not to go too much. But after I got back on the bike, like a dumbass I let too much out. My rear tire was on the rim. Son of a….

So I started to just soft peddle back to the car, maybe two miles away. The I remembered I had three CO2’s in my seat bag. And I really didn’t want to waste them but I really wanted to keep riding so I put one 16 gram in each tire and I was back in business.

So after some quality time in the sand I rallied around in the woods a bit after correcting the tire situation. Im curious as to what the pressure ended up at and I’ll check it as soon as I get the bike off the car. Which will happen after I finish my coffee and not before.

This time of year is so hard to dress. It was 28 this morn. But the Saturday morning ride looks like in the 40’s at ride time. My backpack of riding clothes is chock full of pretty much all I own for winter riding. I never know how many layers I will need. And I suck at dressing myself and miss the correct setup quite a bit in both directions. Either I’m freezing or burning up.

Either way, Im riding quite a bit of late. And thats always a good thing.


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