Another Fatbike Ride


Another Tuesday, another bike ride.

This one was in the New Fane trail system. I like going there. Its a 45 minutes drive but well worth the time.

Im probably repeating myself, but I cant get over now “normal” the Trek Farley build is. Its the only MTB I use right now. And while Im sure I cant rip the trails as well as when Im on my Superfly, I can rip them good enough for me.

I use the term “summer” fatbike a lot now. And that genre of fatbike is determined pretty much by one factor, the wheels. Other things too but the wheels are a huge part of the “summer build”.

Ive had Surly Clownshoes at 100mil. I had Rolling Darryls at 82mil. Ive had Marge Lites at 65mil and now Im on Schlicks Northpaws at 47min. 616 makes a 45mil.

The Northpaws are of course the fastest fatbike wheels Ive had to date. No doubt those hoops make the bike fast enough to ride the local MTB trails all summer long. Even put in a few MTB races. But come winter will they have enough float for a fat guy to ride alongside all the wider rims? Time will tell. When I had the Clownshoes no way would I put the same time in the woods. It was heavy and clunky. But man did they ever float. As the fatbike time passed, I mentioned several time before how the wheels will get smaller to make the bike more ridable. That time has come.

So far, in the dry woods I have kept the pressure high. Like 25 pounds to lessen the rolling resistance. I have yet to drop the pressure under 10 and hit the beach but I will do so soon. Very soon. But I want someone with me riding a Darryl or Marge to compare footprints with. Taking body weight into consideration of course. If the float is good enough to ride with the wide rim bikes, then its game over and the narrow Northpaw wheels win by a landslide.

Will let you know.


Wa da ya think?

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