Peninsula Park Sunday

The weekend was pretty full of riding.

Saturday was the usual breakfast group ride. Almost 20 bikes. A little woods and a lot of road. Cross bikes still rule here. But soon we will be able to hit the frozen sands of the Lake Michigan shoreline. And that will take care of most cross bikes. Tires too skinny. On the other side of the spectrum the fatbikes are just to fat. While you will be king of the float on the beach, its just not needed as the sand is rock hard and fast. Then you will get your ass handed to you as we peloton at 20mph. Not to mention the road. While on paper a fatbike makes sense, just dont do it. You will get dropped like moldy sack of diapers.


Sunday there was a local ride called out in the woods at 11am. Due to the daylites savings going down I was up at 6am. And was thinking since I am fatbike only on the real MTB trails I would be riding my myself anyway as everyone else still rides their carbon rocketships. So at 815am I made the decision to head to Door County solo. Peninsula Park the destination. Even with the two hour drive I still would be riding sooner than the other guys anyway. Once I made that decision I was dressed, packed and on the road in about 6 minutes.


The riding in the park is always nice. Especially in the fall. Most of the MTB trail is just ski trail but thats just fine. I spent over two hours in the woods and did not ride the same trail twice. For me, its so nice to mostly soft peddle and keep my head on a swivel, looking for cool stuff. Like a Pileated Woodpecker. Theres a bunch of them there and its always a treat to spot one. And spot one I did. Did not see him\her very long but long enough to put a smile on my face.


I did recognize some trails from skiing there. Besides trying to get here 3 or 4 times a summer I try to get here twice with the ski’s. While the skating here is not as good as back home, the classic, or striding is much better. Mostly double tracks thru out. Rolling ups and downs but nothing breakneck crazy. The next time I get here will most likely be with the ski’s. Everytime Im here I wonder why Im not here more often.

Its a awesome destination for touring. An easy two day ride for me. I think this is the first year in many that I have not rode my tour bike here. In fact, I have not even sat on my tour bike this summer and thats just sad. That wont happen again.

The weather looks to be in a hold patter with temps at or near 50 each day so riding is still my focus. Keep it rolling.


Wa da ya think?

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