Fatbikes, water and sand.


Owning a bike shop has a few perks. Some of them are obvious. You ride nice bikes, etc. One of the perks you would not think about or I would mention is that I can do things to bikes that others would not do.

Take this pic of my Pugsly. Back in the day I posted it, I think it was Oct of 2010. I mentioned how I set the bike down and walk away for the pic and look what happened! Holy cow! Fact is I threw the bike in the lake for the pic. The truth now comes out. So long after the fact. Kinda like a doper that confesses after getting called out years after except I cant make a ton of money writing a book about it.

Or can I?

So, yeah, heres a perk: I can do bad things to some my bikes, not all of them, only to ride them back to the store and hand them to my mechanic to do a once over. Disassembly and relube.


Now, I just don’t “toss” them in the water all the time. Sometimes I ride them. Here I am on my Moonlander seconds before getting hit by that wave. The wave was over the top of the tires and moved me over two feet. I did not fall. It was fun. Cameraman should have waited another second for that pic.

Again, no others followed me out there. And again, I rode back to the store and handed the bike to the wrench. He knew what to do. Pull BB and relube. Again.

So not only can I ride nice bikes. I can ride them differently. Now you won’t see me throw my 8k Superfly 9.9 in the lake or even race that bike in mud. I may take advantage of some perks but Im not stupid about it. All within reason. In fact..


I had my new Farley on the beach last week when it still was the smaller blue frame. I since have a larger black frame. But I built this bike with full XT on it. Drive and hydro brakes. Not entirely sure if going that high up in the driveline food chain was a good idea. It makes for a very cool, fast and light Fatbike but after the ride I kinda freaked with all the sand in the chain, BB and hubs.

And thats not the mindset to have with a fat bike. They are meant to be abused. And mostly spec’d out for said abuse. I have been riding this beach with our local group for 10 years now. Long before Fatbikes made it possible to do so without the sand being frozen. And I know all too well what that does to a bike. After a winters worth of this if you have not attended to the bike after every ride its pretty much crap by spring. We all know that going in.

So if Im going to be riding a full Shimano XT driveline Fatbike I better just get over it. I’ll still ride it wherever I rode a fatbike before.

But this one will get a bit more attention afterwards than the others did. And thats a perk of owning a bike shop.

Ride on. Have a good weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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