No post yesterday only means one thing. I was out on a bike ride. Rode the Fat Farley once again on our local MTB trails. Once again the “summer” fat setup proved sufficient enough for me to completely ditch my Superfly for the remainder of the year.

Its for sale, click here.

Its safe to say this is the slowest time of the year for the store. The biking winds down. The skiing has not started.

I have such a love\hate relationship with cross country skiing. On one hand I want the weather hold longer for the bike stuff. On the other I wish it would turn cold and snow. I like to ski but I like riding a bike better.

The ski’s are always a hit or miss. The time to stock up on the inventory is now. During the slowest time for the store. To be safe you could have a very conservative first order. So if the ski season is a bust then you’re not out much. But if its not, by the time you realize you need more its too late and all the stuff is sold out. Last year I went conservative and it worked out to my favor.

This year I went big. I threw down a pretty big ski order. Lets hope that decision makes me and not breaks me.


Here are my rentals ready to go. Either these things will help pay the rent in winter or they might just hang there. Such huge business that relies on weather. Sometimes that can be so frustrating. But its all part of the bike\ski shop experience.

You just gatta go with the flow and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. So I will patiently wait for the snow to come.

I’ll ride my bikes in the meantime a lot to take my mind off of that.


Wa da ya think?

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