I would have to consider this weekend a success in the bike riding category. Things went well. All according to plan. Both days had great weather. And this upcoming week looks good too!

Saturday morning had me rolling the breakfast group ride on the cross bike. While I struggled in the woods, Once we hit the pavement I was good to go. It was ill attended tho. Maybe 10 or 12 bikes. Soon the beaches of the lake will freeze and those numbers will double. But until then, its cross bike vs MTB. And cross wins. For now.


Sunday I was invited to ride with Steve D in the Milwaukee area. Wauwatosa to be exact. I figured this would be a good time to shake down the Farley after I switched to a larger frame. I had no idea the group was going to include some jokers I knew from the area.

Whenever I build a bike there always is something I forget to tighten ( Im old, remember?) and yesterday’s ride was no different. So here in the pic Im re tightening the derailleur cable that slipped thru the set bolt. And had to endure quit a bit of heckling while I straightened out the miscue. These guys live for this shit and it was weird to see them assume their positions when it happened. So fast. They have the heckle pic taking down to a science. Before I could reach for a multi tool they seemed to be calling a football play with a audible. Everyone knew their job. And they get this pic in less than 30 seconds. Very impressive.

But its all in fun and thats what I had yesterday. I must say switching to the larger frame was the right choice for me. It felt much better. And I also must say this Farley is the fastest “summer” fatbike I have ever jumped on. The entire day was tight and twisty singletrack and I could just throw the bike anywhere. Very nimble. How much air did I have in those Surly Nards? About 25 pounds. Yup.

So no doubt the bike is summer fast. But not so sure about winter fast. Not too sure how much float I will get from those narrower rims. But soon I will take the pressure down to 7 or 8 pounds and find out. I might be pleasantly surprised.

All in all a great weekend.


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