My God it is beautiful out this morn. I had plans to ride but cancelled as I had a meeting with a huge resort (In Kohler,WI) about rental ski’s.  Business before pleasure.

I did get a quick stop in my Happy Place. And saw another ship. Actually, its the Undaunted again making its rounds up and down Lake Michigan. The same ship I saw a few days ago.

Today my mind turns to cross county ski’s and am transitioning the store from full service bike shop to full service ski shop. Im kinda sad to push the bikes aside but then pretty pumped to be around the ski’s again. And every morning I pray for snow. Quite a bit has fallen in northern Wisco and thats ahead of schedule. All the prediction entities are says above average snowfall for us here. I sure hope so.

Some other good news is that the Saturday morning group ride here has switched to winter mode. Our group of 20+ bikes ride year round. In winter mode the road bikes get put away for MTB’s. I then, ride a cross bike and get to stay in the game along with all the Cat1’s on fat tires. And the route changes to be able to ride the frozen beaches of Lake Michigan when the possibility presents itself. So we leave right from my store which makes it easy for me to join in on the fun.

Looks like my entire weekend is open. And that means Im outside riding.

Have a good weekend!


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