Im on a roll as far as bike rides. Yesterday I parked the cross bike and since the temp was hovering around the freezing mark I grabbed the new fat bike and headed for the beach. It was not even close to being froze and the sand was pretty soft. Of course having the wide tires let me ride on the waters edge anyway.

The bike is Treks new Farley. Like anything else thats fatbike, this bike is pretty much unavailable. The entire industry seems to miss the fatbike boat. There are some great new products coming. All available after January. Thats a bummer. Note to all you fatbike manufacturers: Get your shit together in August. Im not looking at you, custom builder. Just the larger mass producing manufacturer.

Trek is part of that. The complete Farley bikes were set to land in Oct. However, the wheels have not showed up and only framesets are available. As I type this tho, some bikes have been shipped. Very few.

So I got me a few framesets and will build them myself. No biggie. The bike in the pic is full XT. One by ten. Hydro brakes. Carbon post, stem, bar and fork. 24 pounds with pedals. Schlicks Northpaw wheels. 47mm wide. Light and fast. Love them!

The narrower rims do change the tires profile a bit. In the past I have ran 100mm Clown Shoes and 65mm Marges. With the 47mm you do lose a little float on the sand. A little. But holy crap are those wheels fast.

Yesterday while I was running down the beach I did wonder if I should maybe have two wheelsets. One for racing and one for the beach\snow rides. And maybe I should. Im a pretty big guy on a bike and the taller profile tire does push into the sand quite a bit. I think a person lighter than me would not have to worry about that but at 250 pounds its noticeable on the beach to me. However….

Once I hit the woods its was night and day. Those wheels are so fast on the ground. If you bombed around in the woods with you eyes closes ( I do that all the time) you would not even know you’re on a fatbike. The bike was that fast. So no… I’ll take my chances with soft beaches and run the Northpaws full time. Soon the beach will be froze anyway. But I would call this bike\build a summer fatbike. If your into labels. Im not.

As far as the bike go’s. Its a light aluminum frame. I did have my eyes on a 9zero7 carbon but I think I’ll pass. That coming from a dealer who can demo anything he wants. I’ll keep the Farley.




However, not the one I rode. As soon as I got back to the store I switched all the stuff over to a bigger frame. As much as I like the powder blue color. It seems the top tube length is a bit shorter on the Farleys. Good thing to know ongoing. Maybe I should look at the geometry specs before I build a bike for myself. Thats my bad. Either way, its my fatbike of choice this winter. And yes, I have a bigger blue frame coming. So that means this bike will be sold as demo sooner than I thought!

Im looking forward to a winter of riding and racing. Bring on the snow!


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