Blue Harbour Resort
Started with a ride around Blue Harbor Resort. Downtown and close to my store.

The cross bike has been around quite a while. But a little as 5 years ago was just a afterthought to most. Bikes were basic. Then things changed. The cross racing grew 2 fold every year. Bike companies scrambled to put out carbon frames. Today they are still scrambling to put out disc brake capable bikes. The technology has been there all the while for these bikes.

The problem was and is that they dont sell enough of them to re design and re tool every year. R and D is at a minimum. Several companies who have carbon frame cross bikes have their latest and greatest disc bikes coming out aluminum. Its way faster to design and produce. Cheaper too. And practical with the limited runs of production.

Such is Trek new Crockett. Its the bike I currently ride. Disk brake ready and fast. But I don’t race. I ride. Cross bikes are, to me, the absolute best bike to ride. You get many worlds with one bike. Many worlds in just one ride. Like this one I did yesterday.


If theres one thing I do well on a bike its a cross ride. From the store its along the river boardwalk to a paved bike path past the resort I have my rentals at. Its all right along the lake. Then its about 5 miles of road to my Happy Place (State Park) and into the woods adjacent to the park.


Thats where I spend a ton of time in. At least an hour of trails when I do all the loops. Then…. Its into the park.


Its a little time down by the beach then. As I sat here I watched two Bald Eagles soaring. I watched for 10 minutes and I don’t think they flapped once. After a drink of water I moved on.


I rode over to this pond. Its a handicapped fishing pond the State Park operates. Its got a crushed limestone path around it. By rule, if your on a cross bike and come upon a gravel or limestone path you must ride on it. And so I did.


And then I flipped and headed back to the store. Back thru the woods, then back on the road, then back to the paved path along the lake, passed the resort, to the boardwalk and then… the store.


Thats my store over there with the lighted open sign. Across the river. Im almost back to work. Im in no hurry to get there tho…

So on my ride I rolled on wood, path, road, woods, limestone and gravel.And that is what makes a cross ride the best! 3 hours of about the best bike riding one can do. And Im lucky enough to do this almost everyday!



Wa da ya think?

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