Lee A Tregurtha passes by. 845am

Another ship this morn. Im not sure why they change sides of the lake to sail on. But they do like clockwork.

I still have not started my ride today. But will soon. Waking up to 31 degrees had me scrambling to go thru my cold weather stuff. And I could not find half the stuff I needed so I need to wait a bit until it warms up to maybe the mid 40’s to ride with what clothing I have with me today.

I cant believe how much winter clothing I lost from last winter. Then again, the way I just toss it in a pile when it warms in spring, wash it, and throw it somewhere in another pile its no suprise I cant find the stuff. At those temps I needed my winter boots too. So I grabbed those only to realize I switched pedals from eggbeaters to Shimano and needed to change the cleats. That were on those boots since last winter. Pretty much rusted tight. I did just get them off and will use a ton of grease on those new cleat bolts today.

So every year at this time I assume my winter stuff is ready to go. And thats not the case. Tonite I will go thru piece by piece. And will be ready next time(tomorrow).

I had hoped for a fatbike ride on the beach and if I got out sooner that would have been possible. Im sure the sand was kinda froze. But whatever. Its going to be another cross bike ride. And thats just fine. Id better start dressing. It takes about 40 minutes it seems….


Wa da ya think?

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