Quite a bit to say today. Very nice that now all my blog stuff is fixed and its game on again. Still kinda fumbling around wordpress but getting better at it everyday.

So my daughters wedding went well. No issues. I was a little nervous walking her down the isle but everything ran like clockwork. But Im very tired this morn. We had gift opening at our house yesterday to it was a party for about 50 people to deal with. Still cleaning up this morn. Tux is returned and now I hope to slow things down quite a bit. Take a little breather. However, this time of year means the store slows also. And I with it.

US Undaunted

A slow store is bittersweet. No money coming in but way more time to myself. Its a trade off. And I will take advantage of it every time. You do not get rich owning a bike store and the only way its worth it is if you take advantage of every perk you can. And I try just that. And Im pretty good at it.

This morning I was pumped to see the second big ship pass by town. This time of year they start sailing my side of Lake Michigan. I look for them.

This is the US Undaunted. I can recognize this one without looking it up. It passes thru quite often and even tho its not one of the big ones its very easy to spot. Soon many more will pass thru. Many I will see while riding on the frozen beaches of the lake.

Speaking of riding. I did get out Saturday morn before the wedding. Was just kinda weird to grab a bike and get out into the woods just hours before I had to be at the service. Its all about time management and I arrived only a few minutes later than I had planed. Totally worth it.

Tomorrow is long ride Tuesday. The only morning of the week I have someone come in so I can ride longer into the morning. Its getting cold out early morn so I can wait an extra hour before I leave. With the morning temps now in the high 30’s I need to hit the basement tonite for a cold weather clothing inventory.

Have a great day. Talk after tomorrows ride.


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