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The show.

Sure, the show is the headliner of the trip. Supposedly.
I go to it. For about 4 hours. Actually, 3 and a half this year.

I have my three or four booths I want to see. Felt had a great one this year. But really, I get that done in about 2 hours. Then I try to walk around awhile.
I stay until I cant stand it anymore. A million people, bumping shoulders. Its quite a task to move around the place. Hard to do.
I do look at stuff and I think the coolest new thing a saw was all the new roof racks that used big suction cups. Fit on any car. And their were some pretty cool ones. But I would be a little hesitant to put my $10k bike on that. But they must work fine. There were several manufacturers doing it. Thule included. So the must be safe. I wonder how to lock the bike tho?

I guess we will know soon enough.
Other than that it was the same old. Except with newer stuff.

“I must break you”

With Crossvegas Wednesday, there was a street crit on Thursday in the Mandalay Bay parking lot, adjacent to the show. Back in 2009, the first year I went, they had this and it was lame. This year it was on the National Crit Series calender and it was not lame. Many teams there. The course just tooled around the parking lot lined with temp fencing and seemed dangerous. Many riders dropped either by crashing or just saying screw this. Anyway, United Healthcare pretty much assembled with a few laps to go and took the win. It was actually a nice race and I hope they build on this and make the race stick like the cross race.

So that was the extent of the show for me. Another year in the books. And while Im not a fan of Vegas (will write about that next) and dont soend a lot of time at the show, there is still enough here to bring me back again. Someday.



Huge wood berm.

So. The reason I come out here. CrossVegas.

The energy here is umatched at any cycling event I have ever attended. I missed last year but the additions to the race was off the hook. 2 flyovers. This wooden berm. 4 sets of barriers which 3 were easily hoppable. 2 huge screens so you can watch whats going on all over.

Sven Nys pretty much schooled everyone. Several other riders had the fitness but none could match his skills. He was hopping stuff wide open in the big ring.
It was a spectacle to see.

Besides Sven there were a few other Belgium’s there. They ran around 5th or so.
Powers was a distant second. Kabush third.

As much as I hate Vegas I would put up with this crap every time to see this event.
Besides the main events. They have category’s where dealers and vender’s can race.  Before the pro’s run. Its always fun to watch all the schenenigans and the issues that a 160 bike mass start possess.
Lots of beer and bacon.

I had poor Internet reception at the hotel. Im typing this Friday at 6pm. Waiting for my flight home.
I can wait to get out of this damn heat. I need Wisconsin.



1030pm Fremont St

We landed at 6pm in Vegas. I hate flying. Stuck in a tin can for almost 4 hours. I struggle with sitting for that long. I try to sleep or just rest but to no avail.

We did make good time after we landed with getting our rental car and checking into the Excalibur. We then settled in and since we have a pretty busy schedule I decided to head over to Fremont St. The old strip.
This is where you find a majority of the weirdos. There are two types of people there. The weirdos and the ones looking at the weirdos. This area is not quite as polished as the new strip. Lots of homeless show up there. Lots of street performers. Most of them pretty bad. To me its a completely different culture. Too many people. Im usually pretty uncomfortable down there.

After two hours we drove back to the hotel. And dont get me started on the driving here. Actually Im pretty good at it as you need to drive pretty aggressive. I can do that.

This morn we are prepping to hit the show in a few hours. Then out for some lunch, back to the show. Then back to the room for a bit and then CrossVegas.
My reason for putting up with all this shit.
I cant wait.




Just a quickie before I fly to Vegas in a few hours. This is my fourth trip to Interbike. Im not a big fan of the show. In fact I will spend less than 4 hours total there. Im not a big fan of the city.
Most of my time is spent out of town.

I’ll hit the show a bit Wednesday, then its CrossVegas Wednesday nite. I get there early. I dont want to miss on wheel on the course. 

CrossVegas is really the highlite of of trip and my main reason for going. Then Thursday I think a ride over to the Dam. I have not seen the bridge there yet. Thursday nite is some national crit on the hotel grounds. I saw a crit there my first year to the show. It sucked and never came back. Until now. Will see I guess. Friday I fly back but dont leave until 6pm so that day we will spend on the strip. Shopping or whatever. Im borrowing a Chromebook to stay online during. Maybe even a post or two. I will for sure post a few pics from my phone at Crossvegas.  Its going to be a fast four days. And starts in two hours.