This was a weekend of firsts for me.
This morning I rode my bike for the sixth day in a row.

And thats a first for this summer.

And since I worked all weekend, Saturday I commuted home, then Sunday morn commuted to work by bike.
And that is also a first for this summer. Sadly.

Things are getting real for the MTB race coming up. Its pretty much the only thing on my mind.
I’ll be spending a lot of time on the course every day now. And thats not a bad thing. With all the riding of late Im feeling much better in the saddle.

And as I planed it, Tuesdays Im having someone open the store for me. Its going to be my day to ride long.
With the store slowing, pretty much everyone is laid off. Except I will have someone open one day for four hours, and close one day. That closing day will be Friday. So Tuesday morn and Friday afternoon is my time now.
And I will use it to my advantage.

So no post tomorrow. I see a 3 hour cross ride in my future.


Wa da ya think?

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