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It was not raining today so I grabbed the MTB and headed to the New Fane trails.
Cuz there is a WEMS race there Saturday I was thinking of doing.

Thinking is about all right now. Not sure if I want to ride my bike for 3 hours but what the hell. Its not like I would be going fast or anything.
Besides, I year ago I rode my MTB for 3 hours 39 minutes.

Im worse than a woman in the respect that I cant make up my mind. I could do a nice 3 hour cross bike ride in the morning with a stop for coffee, or race the trails for 3 hours, no coffee. What to do. Both? Maybe??

I really need to ride my MTB more and I must have said that a million times in my life. But its true. Im off it for so long, then when I hit up the trails I wonder what the hell was I thinking?

Well, Fall is fast approaching and Fall means MTB’ing.

Tomorrow is a cross ride in the morn. Talk to ya after that.
I cant believe I have not mentions Vegas. I leave for Interbike in four days….

Crazy how time passes. So fast.


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