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This was a weekend of firsts for me.
This morning I rode my bike for the sixth day in a row.

And thats a first for this summer.

And since I worked all weekend, Saturday I commuted home, then Sunday morn commuted to work by bike.
And that is also a first for this summer. Sadly.

Things are getting real for the MTB race coming up. Its pretty much the only thing on my mind.
I’ll be spending a lot of time on the course every day now. And thats not a bad thing. With all the riding of late Im feeling much better in the saddle.

And as I planed it, Tuesdays Im having someone open the store for me. Its going to be my day to ride long.
With the store slowing, pretty much everyone is laid off. Except I will have someone open one day for four hours, and close one day. That closing day will be Friday. So Tuesday morn and Friday afternoon is my time now.
And I will use it to my advantage.

So no post tomorrow. I see a 3 hour cross ride in my future.



My God the mornings have been pretty much glorious and I have rode two hours before the store opens three days in a row now.

Another cross ride today. Pretty sure Im going to park the MTB for the most part. I will ride it a few times yet but really the cross bike is singing to me now.

Today I had three others join in. All cross bikes.

For the most part I am knee deep in our WORS race. Its really just a week away and I am now in the time where I get scared cuz I have nothing to do. I think everything is covered. So all I do is sit around and wonder if I missed something. And thats kinda a awful feeling.

But thing seem to be all on the up and up and I should relax.

I have scheduled myself all weekend alone in the store. Its kinda my turn anyway. And this will be the last Sunday open. Will be on full winter hours starting next week. Which means more time to ride.
I cant remember the last time I rode three days in a row. Its been months.

Even with working all weekend I’ll get something in both days. Saturday before work, Sunday after.

Have a good weekend.




Both yesterday and today I got out for rides before the store opened. Both days in perfect weather. Yesterday on the MTB. Today on the cross.

Im amazed on how better I feel after riding just two days in a row. As opposed to two days a week.

My cross ride is about the best ride I can do from the store. I for sure do enjoy riding the MTB but its always a drive to destination. And thats fine and all. But riding a cross bike right from the store is just so convenient since  I dont open till 11am now. And when Im done Im right at the store, ready to work so I can ride way longer.
A two hour morning cross ride consists of about an hour on the road and a hour in the woods. And as a bonus I end up down by my Happy Place so I stop and sit a spell. If Im not smiling when I start I sure am when Im done.
I am going to do this a lot this fall.

As I mentioned many posts ago I am in the middle of the busiest Fall I have ever had. With my cross race and Interbike down, I have just two items left and they are the biggest. In a little more that a week we have out MTB race weekend. Thats super busy. And kinda looking forward to it being over…. But its fun to do at the same time. After that I am marrying off one of my daughters the third week of Oct. Thats taking quite some time. Its going to be a big wedding. And expensive.
So I have my work cut out for me in the next 3 weeks. But the store is slow enough now to make it all a bit easier. This week is our last Sunday open.

Then…after the dust settles its time to ride. A lot.



The temps got to me.
How much do I dislike Vegas?
A lot.

Every year that I attend the show I have to mentally prep myself. I realize that the strip is not the only way it is here. People get the perception that the awful two miles or so that is the strip is Vegas and I guess for visits like this one it is. If the tons of people don’t get me the temps will. Both make me very uncomfortable.

But I always get a rental car, even tho its such a pain to drive here. We use it to get out.

Every year we find a destination to go to. One year it was Zion National Park. One year it was Death Valley. We did not have the time to do a full day so we just drove to the dam.
Last time we were there was 2009 and the bridge was not even done yet. The view from the bridge is pretty cool.

Pic from bridge

But that was pretty much only half a day. So we drove around the city. Not the strip but in the city. And even if you pull the strip out no way could I live here. Way too much brown. Brown houses, sheds, rocks and hills. Everything brown. No green. I need green.

Again, if it were not for the cross race I would not go. Or if I did I would hit the show for a morning, then get out and only come back when my flight leaves. There is a few nice things to see 4 hours or less drive away.

Anyway, Vegas is not my cup of tea and Im very uncomfortable during the visit. Today, in Wisco, its a nice temp out, the sun is shining and Im glad I live in Wisconsin.