815 am

Its a typical Friday. Im alone in the store all day. Its going to be hot today.

As of this morn Im all caught up in the store from being out 4 days. My office is a mess. And that means its back to normal.

As in every Friday I plan a weekend of riding. Saturday, road ride to coffee, then work. Sunday is a road ride for lunch with a group. Its been like forever that I rode with “the group”. Should be fun.

On my mind ongoing is the one week away cross race I put on. Im pretty sure I have things taken care of. I wont start to panic till Wednesday.

I am in what one would call a busy period. Which started last week with the fam vaca. Then a week off and my cross race, then a week off and then Interbike Vegas. Then a week off and the WORS MTB race. Then a week off and then I marry off one of my daughters. That takes me right to Oct 20th. I think Im open after that.

In my mind its one thing at a time. Vacation down, next is cross race. One thing at a time. Concentrate.

Get out side this weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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