Actually had a pretty good riding weekend. Got in two hours on Friday, two and a half on Saturday and almost two on Sunday.
All road.

As I sit here today my thoughts turn to the lack of MTBing on my mind. My mediocre time up in O2S. While I had a good race my body was telling me to stop this.

And here just over a week later Im starting to listen. Ive been bummed out of late with all the pain of getting old on the bike. And as I arrived to the store this morn Ive made the decision to pretty much ditch the MTB racing. Not that I did a lot of it. And if I did the WORS thing it would only be a 50 minute race compared to almost two hours of Ore to Shore.

But it just does not appeal to me anymore.
So I think I will sell my Superfly. Yeah. The 2014 9.9 that I had less than a month. Now, its not that Im ditching MTBing altogether. Just going a different direction. I have already spec’d out a EX 9.9
Gone is the lower travel and super aggressive race geometry. When I was in Marquette a few weeks ago we rode some trails that were pretty technical. The over the top geometry of the Superfly pretty much tried to throw me over the bars several times. And while I would give up the climbing of the Superfly (I sucked at that anyway) I would love to just drop the seat and ride that stuff. More travel is more fun. Just a bit slower on the ups, way more fun on the downs.

So I think that is the route I will take. Kind of a bummer to get rid of the Superfly so soon. But its time to move in the next chapter of my off road experience.

Its like this. But Project One green.

Bring it on.


Wa da ya think?

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