Seems every other day is a good blog schedule.
Busy days in the store.

Here’s one thing that drives me nuts. Pre orders.Every year clothing manufacturers want you to pre order their stuff. Yesterday I sat down to pick out my spring line up. I picked my fall line up in April. Its seems every year its earlier than the last.

Im not that smart to work 6 months ahead all the time. Its hard when you are concentrating on the now. But its a part of retail you learn in a hurry. Not just bikes stuff. All retail works that way.

Another thing that drives me nuts is that I cant put together a good riding weekend with a good riding week. After last weekends great ride time its Wednesday and I have not thrown a leg over a bike. Most likely not today either. Its vacation time for employees so under staff means long hours. Its a thing you must put up with being the owner.
That, along with the fact Im leaving again late tomorrow and trying to shove a weeks worth of work into 3 and a half days.

My next post just might be from Marquette, MI. leaving late Thursday. As of now it seems I will be solo. Thats fine.
I am in no way in race form (I use the term loosely). And the race just might be a disappointment for me as far as results. Hopefully the fun factor will make up for it.
Better get to work. 


Wa da ya think?

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