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I’M OUT (with links)

805am Packed and ready to roll.
Its been a long time since I took off. Today I leave at 2pm. Be back late Thursday
And I have finally decided where to go.

Tomorrow morn I will be on the Bear Skin Trail. 
Thats a nice easy fun trail. Very scenic. A good ride for me and the wife.
Along with that ride we will be drinking coffee all morning, some beer at nite and eat at many nice restaurants.

But then, Thursday morn, its game on at the Raven Trails.
Will have to lay down a hot lap with the Superfly. Then after a nice lunch at a nice restaurant it will be time to work our way back home.

A very short mini vacation but I’ll take what I can get. Every little bit helps.

I might have time to write something as I will have the netbook with me. But maybe not.




file foto. Not that sunny today.
I think I used this pic before. Whatever.
Fairly uneventful weekend. Cold temps had me shuffle my schedule around all weekend. Saturday never made it to what could have been my last road group ride of the summer.

It was 51 degrees at ride time and I just did not feel like heading down to the basement for my fall riding stuff. 

So I waited an extra hour and headed out solo. After 5 miles I turned back freezing my ass off.
So then I waited until 2pm and found some arm warmers somewhere. Put those on and rode about 30 miles. Still was cold but tolerable. Here in town it did not hit 60 degrees Saturday. Northern parts of the State had record lows for July. Almost in the 30’s.

Sunday I had planned to ride up to my mom in Green Bay but ditched it. Too cold. Headwind. Rain. Just a crappy day. I did get in a 25 miler in the morn tho. Both rides were the last rides in the Felt F1. Its a great bike and I would not hesitate to get another. Especially with the DA Di2.
But as in all my bikes. Time to move on.
Its MTB and cross bike time.

This week Ive decided to take a few days off and will be headed north somewhere late Tuesday thru Thursday.

The crappy weather has slowed the store a bit so not much ordering to do. I’ll spend the day working ahead in the paperwork dept so my desk is not that painful to see when I get back Friday morn.
Maybe a quick cross bike ride tomorrow morn, then Im off.



Im doing much better at scheduling my time of late. In about a half an hour Im out on a two hour ride. That will make 3 out of 4 days. Im much happier when I get my ride time. Even if its all solo. 
As I mentioned in the last post, the Felt F1 is going away and I decided to ride it all weekend.
Tomorrow is the group ride that will push me to my limits. I prep for that as I would any other race.

Im trying something different this week. Off come the aero wheels and Im running a set of DuraAce C24’s. A carbon climbing wheel. Since I have the worst time on hills I thought these would give these a shot in the arm. I believe they are the lightest wheelset I have ever used.
I can use all the help I can get going up. Will see.

Sunday morn Im off to my moms at around 8am. Its 75 miles. I was bouncing between my tour bike and the F1 and chose the road bike. It should make the milage easy to do. This will be my longest ride of the summer by 15 miles. In looking forward to it.

Today Im in the store early (like ever day) and soon will prep for a nice ride. Starting the day with some coffee on the beach, followed up by a ride is always a good day regardless of what else happens.

Have a good weekend. Weather is awesome.



Fatbike stuff: is happening so fast. Now 9zero7 has introduced a full carbon fatbike. Since Im already a dealer I must admit that trumps the Trek fatty. Products in this type of bike are coming out so fast now I need to step back and wait until all options are out before I make a decision on what Im riding\racing this winter.

Riding stuff: Almost 5 hours in saddle in the last two days. Making up for a crappy last week. This weekend (but its only Thursday) I plan on hitting the group ride on Saturday morn. The huge effort needed is good for me. Then, on Sunday, the family is scheduled to visit my mom and Ive made the decision to ride up her house in Green Bay. Its about 75 miles from door to door. I planned on using the Trucker tour bike but now I just might use the F1. That most likely will be my last ride on that bike as its future has been decided and its leaving next week.

Leaving me without a road bike for a bit as I will wait to get a high end carbon cross bike in about two weeks and use that on the road to finish the summer. Its cross\MTB time anyway.

I should really use the tour bike on Sunday. I am planning my summer vacation tour, no destination set yet but looks like the middle of August (ish). I have not sat on my tour bike on about 10 months.
Its about time I do.