Huge field. I think it was 2\3’s?
Ive said this many times before and I’ll say it one more time. I miss Superweek. Not the Superweek of late. The Superweek of 10 years ago.

Not to knock Americas Dairyland. Its a great series run very well by seasoned veterans. To the man off the street, the races are awesome. But to the cyclist who have been around, the fields can’t compare to the Superweek of old. But then again, maybe they are not trying to.

Last year, it was Kenda\5 hour that pretty much pulled the peloton around. Really, nobody else brought a full team. It got boring. This year, Kenda is a no show, at least last nite. And the only full on team here is United Healthcare. And it showed. Nobody could touch them. However, they are only here for the first 4 races, which are NCC points, then they will be gone for the final 7 races of the series. Maybe its just me but I see even less teams here than last year. Sure, some team may have brought a couple riders. But you don’t notice them. Wheres Kenda? Wheres Vanderkitten?
I did notice United Healthcare. Each rider knew what to do when. Each rider knew who was doing what. Each rider found their own specific spot in the lead out. When they came thru on the last lap I predicted a 1\2 finish for them. I have not confirmed but I might have been wrong as it could have been 1\2\3.
Whatever the case it was cool to see a pro team and full strength do that. I don’t get to see that stuff to often in real life and not on TV.

Here’s a cool looking team with a cool bus and a cool double deck 10 bike rack.
They get cool points.

Back to my point, again, Im glad the Tour of Americas Dairyland is here.

But I miss Otto and his 40+ year old series. I miss a 10 bike break where nobody speaks English. I miss European teams even if they only brought a few riders.

I miss the International Cycling Classic when it was run by Otto.


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