Rolling in.
Thursday nites drive to Marquette was uneventful. We arrived around 9pm. Checked in. Plans to hang downtown and ride the city’s lakefront trails. As I type this its Saturday nite and Im in Houghton and just finished the bike race. Thats a post for another day. This is Mondays post. Just found some downtime to do it early. This post is about Friday.
Getting loaded

All week I checked the site for any ships coming in to the ore dock in Marquette. Nothing. Then, as I looked one more time Thursday nite the Canadian Michpicote was now scheduled to come in around noon Friday. That was perfect timing for our ride along the citys waterfront.
Marquette is a very cool town. A collage town.  Bike and commuters everywhere. Except all the commuting is not done on fixxies. Their all duel suspension MTBs. With wide handlebars. 
After coffee on the main street we rode all along the waters edge. With a 45 minute stop to watch the boat sail in. Then it was back to main street to a pizza buffet and then it was a late afternoon departure to Houghton, MI and the MTB race at 10am on Saturday.

But before I left town, I made my reservations for Ore to Shore. So I’ll be back to this town soon. And I already cant wait.

Next post on Houghton and the Keewenaw Chaindrive.


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