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Living next to the lake give you opportunity to see stuff like this. Its raining like nuts over there. Today is a early post. Im headed out on the Felt F1 in a few minutes. Such a beautiful day today. Store is staffed so I dont need to be back anytime soon.

Another bonus start to the day. While I was watching that storm the ship Mesabi Miner comes out the side of it. It seemed to have powered right thru it.

Rarely do you see a ship in the lake in the summer as they are either on the other side or  just down the middle of it. The Miner must have came closer to shore to try to steer around the storm.

So far up to now its been a great start to a good morning.Im going to hop on a bike and continue that. So being Friday I have no set plans for the weekend and thats kinda a good thing in my book. All options are open.

Options are good. I’ll be sure to use one.



“Im a loner, Dottie. A rebel”

The lack of post yesterday was due to the resumption of Long Ride Wednesday. With what I can assume is summer here, I gatta get my ass on the bike more. Yesterday the 3 hours was good. On the cross bike.

Between racing the MTB in the U.P. and last weekends cross riding its been nearly two weeks since I was on the road bike. In fact, I might just go ahead and sell the F1 earlier than needed. Replacing it with a higher end cross bike that I would just use on the road to close the summer with.

Also, in the back of my mind (there’s always a lot of room there) Im dreaming up a small tour. Maybe a four day jaunt. Something going somewhere. I have not sat on my tour bike in a long time. Its been sitting on the sales floor, waiting.
If you remember last year I had the heat induced trip to the north woods of Wisco. I had one really bad day.

So Im looking forward to doing summer things soon. More riding, racing and touring.

Call to action.

As every Thursday, the weekend looks good for riding, I work a little on Saturday (after a ride) and Im off Sunday. Sunday Im thinking epic MTB.
Subject to change.



Yesterday I made it official and booked a flight to Interbike.

Ive been going every year since I opened the store except for last year, exchanging the Fat Tire 40 for the trip to Vegas.
But since that bike race has raised its fee to over a hundred bucks I’ll gladly ditch it.

Ive been to this convention now three times. This will be my forth. However, I spend about 4 hours total in the show and the rest of the week goofing off. Usually hitting a National Park. So far its been Zion and Death Valley  And of course the Dam.

But theres a main reason I go. Its not the sight seeing or looking at bike stuff. Its CrossVegas.

If you gave me one bike race to see per year it would be this one. I usually get VIP passes and rub shoulders. Its fun.

So I guess I have something to look forward to in mid Sept.

That, and watching all the weirdos stumbling around Vegas.

I’ll get there Tuesday nite. Hit the show Wednesday, the race Wednesday nite, then hit the road from Thursday to Saturday.

At least thats the plan. Subject to change.



So it was a bit of a uneventful weekend. Since I took my mini vacation last week it was my turn to work the entire weekend. So no group rides. I did manage to get out both Saturday and Sunday for some solo miles. Both days on the cross bike.
You ever ditch riding a bike, only to pick it up after some time and wonder what the hell you ditched it for?
Thru winter and the crappy spring I have rode my cross bike, then put it away when I got the Felt F1 in April.
Saturday I grabbed it for a quick ride before the store opened and was reminded why a cross bike is my favorite bike in the world. An hour on the road and a hour in the woods. Sunday too. I have more fun on a cross bike than any other. Including MTB.

But Im always solo when riding it. No way could I bring it on a group ride. Or any other ride for that matter. Unless its all cross bikes which is not possible cuz not everyone owns one ( I do not understand why).
Its funny how even roadies who race cross never ride them for fun. I never understood that since I am the complete opposite. In June\July a cross bike seems to be a afterthought. 


To me, its a perfect time to ride such a versatile bike. Even if its just road the wider, lower pressure tires are just so much more smoother on our citys crappy roads.

Generally a cross bike has a higher headtube so its a bit relaxed to ride.

So this weekend I was re introduced to the perfect nooner bike ride. And I plan on riding this bike more. In the summer no less.

There seems to be a upswing in the gravel/crappy road rides. I just heard of a metric century gravel ride this last weekend up near Houghton. Those things sound like fun.

People ask me if they should ditch a road bike for a cross bike and switch tires for road riding. For some people I think that would work fine. But you would want a higher end cross bike. Without disc brakes. I remember a couple years ago I was riding both a Trek Cronus and Blue Norcross at the same time. Both bikes weighed in at 15 pounds and some change. Both bikes cost right around 4k. Both bikes would have made a fine road bikes once fine tuned. I remember the Norcross having a compact driveline, perfect for road riding. The Trek had cross specific chain rings and that might hurt you a bit during the faster road rides.

But overall I think a high end cross bike is roadworthy to the common rider. Still plenty light. Still plenty stiff.

So in closing, if you have a cross bike collecting dust hanging in the basement, get it out for a ride. Hit the woods. Have some fun.