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Freebee. Download it.

Ive mentioned before that Im selling my pics in the store. Its been a month and so far nothing. Its more for fun anyway. Im not offended if they don’t sell. Good thing I dont have to make a living on that.
Someone said Im pricing them so low that they dont seem legit. If I priced them higher they would sell.

Here some are for sale on the wall.
Nobody comes to a bike store to buy pictures.

Today is a bit rainy. I have a window to ride around 2pm but I think thats going to be washed out.

Tomorrow I will try and get out for a longer ride. I need to set up long ride Wednesdays ongoing.

Scheduling here at the store is still up in the air. Even more so since Im now open Sundays. That throws a huge wrench into everyone’s schedule. Nobody is very happy about it, including me. But its a fact of life.

Other than that is getting pretty gloomy outside. Time to open the store.



Mountain Fat Bike (MTFB)
Since its Tuesday I’ll make believe the lack of post yesterday was due to a 3 day weekend. It was not. But it was partly due to a bike ride so thats kinda close.
After last Wednesday when I over cooked it a bit, then was a bit sick I was not sure how my riding was going to go this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to get almost 8 hours in counting Monday morn.

Im feeling better on the bike with every ride. This week I will try a longer ride again. Maybe tomorrow. I feel if I just lose about 10 pounds I will be back in the game. At least as far into the game a 53 year old Clydesdale can get. It will be a bit yet before I get there but at least I know I can now.

Im a bit unsure of what I want to do for a MTB. The Superfly I want is out to July. I could wait for it. Or I could get a Felt today. Or I could wait till August, just a month longer and get a 2014 Superfly. That makes the most sense with Treks demo program.
But if I do that I will go most of the summer without a MTB. Unless you count the fatbike. Then its a Mountain Fat Bike, or MTFB for short.
Really, when you put these bikes in “summer mode” they are slower than a cross country rig but not by as much as you think.
When you run the lighter stuff on them I think they are fast enough to become a trail rig. Not the fastest thing in the woods but doable.

I checked out the first WORS race with the new fatbike category and was disappointed to see only 8. That will change I hope. However, if I do race that bike it most likely will not be in that category. Its a open category and those guys looked fast on paper. I’ll stay in Clyde.

So Im unsure really of what I want to do this summer. I really do not see me going an entire summer without a fast MTB. But with the three options I think waiting for a early 2014 makes the most sense. Im sure I’ll change my mind.

I always do.



As it turns out it was not the ride the other day that knocked me out. Soon thereafter I realized I have a bit of flu going on. Today, its full on. Im down. No riding until my temp go’s down. Sometime over the weekend if history proves.

So with the down time I realized its been a long time since I explained my Happy Place, or HP for short.
Its really Kohler-Andrae State Park. Im here pretty much every day. Sometimes twice. 

Every bike ride I do from the store go’s thru this place. In winter, its where I groom the ski trails. I guess I cant really explain why Im there so much. Its almost out of habit now. I think it started in 2008 when I was separated from my wife for about a year. I lived in a little cabin in the woods (which was cool and awful at the same time) very near  the park. And I walked or rode there everyday for a long time. And never stopped I guess. Its got a lot of wildlife. Tons of tame deer. Cranes, eagles. Saw my first eagle there in 2008. First time I saw one when I was not in northern Wisco. A week ago I was listening to loons out on the lake. Also a first. I think thats what I like about it. After all these years I still get a lot of firsts there. I watch ships pass. Its got a lot of things I like. At times its very quiet. During the winter most times Im the only one there.
Today, its waking up and full of campers and beach walkers. Now I must share.

As far as State Parks go, its not my favorite  That would be Peninsula Park, in Fish Creek in Door County. I get there as much as I can. Both day and weekend trips.

But for morning coffee you cant beat my HP. I could post a billion pics of that place. I would not know where to start if I did.

 Pic 1: River otters visited the park a few years ago. Saw them for about a week, then they were gone. Never returned.
Pic 2: A visit from some Swans. This was also a one time deal. Never saw them again there.
Pic 3: Where else would you see a deer running along the beach?
Pic 4: In winter, eagles spend a lot of time here fishing.

I could go on for hours here. But I gatta open the store. If you look at these pics and think what a cool place, I’ll tell you this is only about 15% of it. So much there and so close to me. How can I not like it?
Im laying low this weekend, I hope you do not.



I do this about three times a year.

Yesterday I woke and glanced at my phone when I unplugged it. It said 70 degrees. At 7am? No way.
I threw open the patio door and sure enough, it was warm. Summer warm.

I had help opening the store so it was right then I decided this was a long ride Wednesday  I got ready as soon as I could, drove to the store, grabbed the bike and I was off in what I wanted to call a 4 hour ride.

I headed north, then west to get away from the pesky lake. What a beautiful day. I just kept riding west. It started to get hilly. Just kept riding west. Before too long I realized.
I was too far west. And out of water bottles. On a ride like this my mind can wander for an hour. I flipped it and started back. But heading south put me right thru the kettle moraine and it was hill after hill. After hill.

My four hour easy ride turned into a death march that had my legs cramping twice while climbing. I have never cramped on the bike in my life. Today was twice. And here was stupid thing number two: I tried a new energy drink. It did not agree with me. So I rode too far, rode too many hills, pretty much started dehydrated and got sick on some new drink.
I was two hours away and a mess.

Needless to say I soft peddled home. Total 3 hours 45min. 55 miles. Last 15 in pain. This was my bad in not planning correctly. And using a route suggested by a skinny person.
That said, Im glad I did it. Besides the dehydration what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I will do it again. Soon I hope. But will prep better. Drop a few pounds and those hill will still be tough, but not life threatening.

It may have been a little early in the season to try this but Im glad I did and Im glad I suffered. I’ll know better next time. A buddy said maybe you over did it a little. I said when have I ever over did anything.

Maybe yesterday.