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Its been a good week on the bike. The last 7 days has produced over 12 hours on the bike. Three in the woods and the rest on the road. Im feeling much better in the saddle. Yesterday was a solid two hours on the Fat MTB. Or FMTB for shorter. The 3.8 Knard tires pumped up to 30 pounds. You heard me, I said 30.
Im not a big fan of the Greenbush trail system anymore. Huge usage has a billion rocks busting out everywhere. But the fatter tires made that a bit easier even tho I still had to climb with the added weight of a fat tire. Still, the high pressure gave a good roll as my downhills where just as good as with my Superfly. Even easier.
I struggle here on a normal MTB. You cant take your hands off the bars for a second or they get ripped out of your hands. I almost had that happen yesterday and I had both hand on tight. Another thing I noticed with the tires so full of air is that you can pump the tires hard enough to know you are riding a rigid bike. In summer race mode, I can see maybe a fork on these things soon. All in all its a bike thats fun to ride in summer too. 

Things you see on a four hour road ride. Note fog in background. Damn lake.

Two of the rides in the last 7 days have been real close to, and just over 4 hours. Those rides kick my ass and make me feel better on the bike at the same time.
Not sure that this weekend will bring. Im sure a smaller ride tomorrow morn, but Sunday I gatta work the store so not sure then either. Just will do the best I can.

Have a great weekend.



I try not to complain here a lot. Nobody wants to hear me bitch about stuff. But trust me, I complain a lot. Mostly in my head but thats a whole nuther’ story.

Ive only been in the bike biz four full years. This month is the start of year 5. And so far this has been the worst spring for retail yet.

I would complain a bit in March, but not a lot, cuz its March.
April you still shrug your shoulders as its snowing on your spring sale. And complain a little louder.

May is still complainable early. Some were still CC skiing up north in early May. Trails were still being groomed.

Today, we are two days from June. And I still have not used sun screen yet for any ride. Still arm and knee warmers, or more, and still cold. The lake effect is in full swing here. Its game on in that respect as temps rise almost 20 degrees inland. This morn, here by me, 49 degrees and foggy as I got to the store. Summer just keeps dodging us here. Its a illusion done with mirrors.

Soon, I hope, things will turn around and the riverfront will be full of people and we can ride without all the extra clothing. I can distinctly remember saying “just a couple weeks yet” in early April. By couple, I must of meant nine.
So there, Im complaining. The slow start to summer, for me, is compounded a bit by the store’s move in March. Big expectations put on standby due to weather. Something one cant control. Like a rain delay at the World Series. So you just gatta wait it out.

Couple weeks yet.



crappy day. 915am
What a crappy day.

However the weekend was a bit better. The store rocked it on out first Sunday, and at the same time I nailed down my first 4 hour ride. That. along with 2 hours on Saturday and Monday put me almost 8 hours on this three day weekend. More if you count Friday.

And Im feeling better with every hour. Sunday’s four hour ride had me averaging almost 17mph for the duration. Thats up from my previous rides. The legs are starting to come around. And that means its almost race time.

And it also means I will order my MTB soon. As posted earlier I do not have one. Not that its a big deal. I can order one had have it here next day. Not the one I want, the Superfly SL Pro is back ordered into the next millennium (exaggerating).
Im going to most likely get the aluminum Pro. Full XT. That will hold me over until the 2014 Superfly SL is available to us dealers.

My next thought is: when to start this summers racing. I do have about 10 pounds to lose yet and was thinking about this next weekends WORS race but that most likely wont happen but I will keep it on the table until later in the week.

Like last year, Im not so much into the WORS stuff but more into the stand alone races. I have the Keweenaw in my sights. Stuff like that is fun. The middle of June seems to be a more realistic time frame for my first race. And their Clydesdale start st 220 pounds! That is so me. WORS need to get back to a real Clyde weight. But I’ll plan on hitting two or three WORS races for sure.

I get kinda pumped when my riding is on the upswing. Its a good feeling.
Hope things continue.



Blue Harbor Resort. 845am

When I decided to move the store I had it narrowed down to two places. Where I am now and a nice mall on the west side of town, near a highway.
As far as retail go’s, the mall would have been a better choice  It had some big stores in it. Close to high traffic. It had a lot going for it. But that did not work out. So I made the move to where I am now. Down by the river. Its kinda hidden. In a very cool spot but hidden. Bad for retail. But the one thing I banked one when I moved in was the bike rental situation with Blue Harbor Resort that sits just across the river.

Yesterday that became a reality as I now have rental bike inside the facility. Starting with 10 and prepared to take it to 20 at the drop of a hat. This is the scenario that needed to happen to make the choice of moving here a successful one. Most of the day yesterday was spent training their employees on bike fitting and needed paperwork and this weekend is the test. Im sure we will have to tweek something but Im pretty sure all the bases are covered. 
This is phase one in SBC 2.0.
On to the next.
All that and I still managed a two hour ride yesterday. I was pretty pumped about that.
This weekend is looking good for a ride or two. Will get out in the morn before the store opens tomorrow.  And this weekend is the first Sunday open too. Busy weekend.
Alas we will be close on Monday. More bike riding.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Get outside.