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Setting the piers the river behind the store.

Is it for real? Looking at the 10 day has no temps below freezing. The city has started to put the boat docks back in the water. These are sights and sounds of spring.
News that the DNR might even open some MTB trails this weekend!
This……. this is all happening so fast…..

I have things to do:
First off, I need to get my million dollar plastic\electric road bike ready for the road. Today or tomorrow I will get it on the fit table and measure it up for me. Then go thru the bike one more time. It looks like the maiden voyage will be maybe Thursday. Before the weekend. I always put a first ride in by myself. Its easier to stop and tweek. Then…

I will go thru my clothing bag. I can pull out all the “winter” stuff such as Amfib tights and cold weather gloves. I’ll take out one top layer too making the bag a bit lighter. I will add in arm and leg warmers. Then I will have room for two kits instead of one. And the bag will follow me everywhere I go. Or at least always be in my car at the ready.
Instead of my winter boots I will have thicker socks and shoes. I have not rode with regular bike shoes since early November.

Looking at the weekend it looks like almost 60 and sunny.
I promised myself I wouldn’t cry….




Feels like a million years since I last posted. I worked more than I thought and rode less than I thought this weekend. In my Happy Place this morn I sat on a certain bench that I spent most of my mornings last year for the first time. You get hit by the sun, which happened to be out and are kinda blocked from the wind. Its a warm spot. So spring is kinda on its way.

The weekend went well. With a slow start to the sale\open house I had poor expectations going into Saturday morn. But I had this feeling in the back of my mind and I cut the bike ride very short in the morn to head back sooner.
Arriving to the store I found a packed house. At 11 am. I had two guys working and they gave me the “its about time” look. I changed as fast as I could and jumped in. It was a incredible day and we broke the store’s one day sales record. Thanks to everyone!

Heres a pic from the same bench last Sept. A lot less grass and stuff on the sand. The tree there looks different also. The branches seem higher now. Not sure how tho…

Sunday was a day of rest. I thought about a small ride around noon but just has no motivation  So I sat in the house and ate all day. Not a good thing to do and hope I dont have many more days as such.
We do have some rain moving in but the temps are on a steady rise the next week. 60’s are being talked about next week. 
I might have to bust out that expensive road bike.
Goona measure it up for me this week.
And hope for the best as far as weather go’s.




Holy crap. Its not raining. Feels strange. During the last few days you just detach from thinking about the weather. Kinda ignore it I guess. Saw a pic on facebook this morning of northern Wisco. They got even more snow. Reports up in Hayward of temps in the teens tonite.
At what point does one decide to call bullshit.

At what point does this go from “unseasonal” to “what the hell is going on” ?
I remember last Friday I said I was going to throw my bike in the river if I woke up to snow on our Saturday morning ride. Now a week later and I could say that again. At what point do we stop saying it will get better soon? Or just wait another week. How many times have I said that lately.

I can remember a few months ago setting up the store’s grand opening and saying that I should be in the clear by the third week of April.

I remember many asking why was waiting and those dates seemed a bit too late. Now I wish I would have set it a week later. But then, maybe that would not have been any difference  Today, snow next week is not out of the question.

I remember, back in the day, when I would actually blog about a bike ride and not about the weather. I hope those days return.

Todays HP visit was nice as it was not raining. Even the animals seems kinda confused as to why they were dry. Strangely  whenever I drive around the park the deer come out to the road and I have to stop and wait till they move. Sometimes I have to shoo them off.
Makes we wonder if they are being fed out of cars. I hope not.
I hope they are just wanting to hang out.
Time to get the store ready. Its going to be a busy weekend. However, I will get the group ride in tomorrow morn and I purposely overstaffed the store.
I need my seat time.
Have a good weekend and stop by the grand opening!