Crap tastic weather. 915am
There is two things I try to keep off this blog. First is work. Nobody want to check in here and read advertising about the store. I have a website for that. Second is complaining in general. Nobody want to hear your problems.  And my weight. Wait, thats three. 
So its three things I try to keep off the blog as much as I can.

But its times like this that I cant help it.

This weather is the worst spring ever. For the store.
March was a bust. Compared to last March, which was unseasonably warm, is nite and day. One of the hardest things to do in this biz is budget. Its almost impossible to plan. You can do everything right, set up your spring inventory to a “T” and have a March like the last one and its all out the window.

The spring revenue has yet to hit. But I did one thing right. I held off my spring bike order to this week. This yearly order is the biggest cuz the company’s give price breaks to large orders. Last year this order happened in February. This year I held off as long as I can so payment terms are pushed farther into the selling season.
Its a waiting game. Wait too long and people are walking into your store with nothing to look at. Order too soon and its payment due with all the bikes still on the floor and snow on the ground.
I must say my instincts were correct this year. I waited.

Maybe more lucky than correct.

Dreaming of warmer, drier weather.


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