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Saturdays group ride. Big turnout.
Rarely do I get weekends like the last. Sunday I ended with about 9 hours of saddle time in the last four days.

And Im pretty blown out. The kind of blown out that you dont feel until you stop riding the next day. Thats today.

 Im pretty happy about it too. Just what I needed to get things (fitness and weight loss) going. I can ride a million hours and if I dont push or work it has no effect. Spent four days of riding with ending with a sufferfest and I hurt so bad and feel good about it.

After two tame rides Thursday and Friday I hit the Saturday group ride. It was maybe a bit tame due to the long ride on tap for Sunday.
But there was more than once I had to turn it up to 11 to stay attached to the peloton. And sometimes I failed to do so. Its all good tho as these are a good bunch of guys and we were still on the “winter” route. That will change next week as the group ride switches to “summer” mode and heads farther west to some hills. Thats where and when I get in trouble. In fact I might lay off that ride for a month or so to get a little faster on the bike.
While I like this ride a lot its just a bit tougher on the summer route and I dont want to hold everyone up. On the other hand, I wont get better unless I ride hard and this ride forces me to do so. I’ll think about it I guess.

How do I know I will struggle on that ride?

Sundays ride, the Cheesehead Roubaix, was a bust for me. Of sorts.
I had no idea how much climbing was in that route. A lot.
I was pretty much in the lead group (with 50 others) until the first climb. That was a gravel grinder maybe not quite a half mile long. I started the climb up front and ended it OTB (off the back). I chased for maybe 20 minutes alone at 22 or 23 mph but everytime I started to catch I had a hill just hold me back and I had to start the chase all over again.

The beginning of the end for me. Long climb.
I did this maybe three times before I decided to stop. I was dropped. This was about mile 16.
At the time I was heading east, toward the lake and knew it was going to get colder the closer I rode to it. I did have a vest along to put on but I figured if Im riding by myself why don’t I just stay west and warmer.
So I flipped it.

It wasn’t long before I met a buddy from Milwaukee area. Bubba was shamefully dropped as I and I talked him into staying warm and re routing with me. And we did putting on about 30 more miles before we pulled the plug and rode back to the parking lot with about 45 miles in total.
Even then, I was blown out from the climbing. Hitting the tops of some climbs had us looking at huge vistas that we could see for at least 10 miles. We were up high in the kettle moraine for sure.

I found this as I strolled into a grove of trees to pee. I left it there and forgot where that was but maybe later today I might head out and look for it.
So it was a great weekend of riding even tho I was reminded of my weight on Sundays ride which was still a blast. Its nice to ride somewhere else every once in a while. With someone else.
And as with every spring, I have my work cut out for me.
Its go time.



Yesterday round noon.

Everyone is pretty pumped about spring finally getting here. I know I am. Yesterday was my first nooner ride. First ride on the Felt F1. First ride on a road bike since October last year. First ride on I bike I ride that has Dura Ace. Di2 no less.
It was a crazy first 30 min as I had a huge wind on my back that allowed me to cruise at 20mph. Talk about a wake up. Riding cross\Fatbike for the last six months then jumping into that scenario had me thinking about the pro peloton. It was fun while it lasted. I will publish my thoughts on this bike soon. After a couple hundred miles. Its really the first bike I ever rode that was not a Trek. Will let you know when I know. First ride impressions are good tho…

Did get out to the HP today. The deer once again were there to greet me. Most likely see them later as Im taking another nooner on the bike. And will be riding the F1 on the group ride tomorrow too.

Sunday Im riding a ride called the Cheesehead Roubaix. Another ride in the now super popular crappy road genre. Its cross bike on this 60 or so mile ride. 

Add that up and I will have about 150 miles or more in 3 days. That’s going to wake up the legs weather they like it or not. And I cant wait to complain how sore my legs are Sunday afternoon.

 Its going to be a great weekend.
Get outside!!
I know I am.




Ive started to take my real camera with me more and not just rely on my phone for pics. Now that I have some of my pictures up for sale in the store I might carry it around more. In fact Im looking for a new camera. The one I use for all those pics, if not my phone, is a 99 dollar Walmart camera.

As I sit here in my office Im waiting for employees to show up and maybe get a bit warmer to get out for the first ride on the Felt F1.

Maiden voyages on $10k bikes was something I never thought I would do. Even owning a bike store its a bit tough to swing that expensive a bike. But the manufactures have programs to let guys like me ride their stuff and I take advantage of it. Really, you don’t get rich owning a bike store so you have to take advantage of every perk you can get you hands on.

In a way, it ruins some of the experience. I remember back in 08′ I bought my first Madone. It was a 5.2 that I got for $2500 bucks. I was pretty pumped. Today, with the store, bikes like the F1, Madone and Domane are no big deal. Get em, demo em, sell em.

Ive always said its really like a rental program. Sure, I can ride these cool bikes but I cant keep them. From day one they are bikes for sale. So its not like its mine. I cant personalize it. All the warning stickers still plastered all over the bike.

So here’s the bike all ready for me to ride. All measured up. Dura Ace Di2 all charged and ready to go. My only decision was wheels. Easton or Dura Ace… or both. How bout Easton Monday thru Thursday and Dura Ace Friday thru Sunday. Such tough decisions.

I realize its going to be a bit tough to get any sympathy for this situation as I roll up to the Saturday group. And even tho I complain a bit about this I really do enjoy riding this stuff as much as anybody.

So being able to ride all these bike do I have a favorite? I do.

Its pretty much the only bike I own. Pinky is a 2002 Trek X01. Its been in many different configurations. Road bike, cross bike, single speed and tour bike.

Today its sitting in storage and is waiting to someday be reborn. And it will. Pinky is very patient with me. Sometimes sitting over a year before rebuilds. And when I do rebuild its  always with new parts. That bike can clean up pretty good when finished.

I have a lot of memories on this bike and someday will have a post about all the bikes it has been.

I will never sell it. Its worth a lot to me and almost nothing to everyone else.

And that makes it my favorite bike in the world.



Almost daily trip to the HP this week. Soon my posts will come later in the day as I hope to start riding in the morn. At least two days per week. Maybe start up long ride Wednesday again.
Today I will be prepping the Felt F1 for tomorrow’s planed maiden voyage. Throwing on a set of Easton EC90’s. I was waiting for Easton’s 11 speed freehub and got that in the mail yesterday.
Soon the temps will be warmer and more and more people will show up at my morning HP visits. I’ll back off a bit with car visits by then.

Mostly then my rides will be “nooners” with the window from 11 to about 2ish. Even tho the road bike will be up and running I use the cross for those rides. An hour of woods and a hour of road. Its my favorite ride.
Hope to do a ton of those.
Those rides are always solo. Me, myself and iPod.

On the other side of things. I have half a mind to head up north for some CC skiing. Such good conditions this late in the year one might not ever see again. Just a four hour drive puts you in January conditions.
Marquette and Houghton,MI
I wont go as I have a lot of riding on tap this weekend and the warm temps are coming now even for those areas. But how cool would that be.