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Its Friday. Sun is out. The spring switch has been flipped and the store is busy. About time. Tons of bikes on order. And so it begins.

A few days ago someone talked me into selling my pics in the store. I have a million of them with a couple that are really good. So Im going to mat up some 8X10’s and 11X13’s and hang them with a price tag. I’ll start with 10 shots and see what happens. Im already thinking of buying a new camera.

My Dad used to take a ton of wildlife pics and then sell them at craft shows and things like that. I guess that’s where I get this from. Back in his day there was no digital stuff. You took the pic and went in the darkroom to get it. He processed the film in slides. For you younger kids, slides are little squares of the pic, like a small negative  the slides then could be put in a projector. Or you could use the slide over and over to make prints. But there was no “backup” of the pic. The slide was it. So he had then in a “safebox”. Like a money safe that holds hundreds of these slides.

I have that box and all his pics. Most about 35 years old. Im going to take some time and go thru them to see if I can get some transferred to digital. My Dads long since past away but I bet he would have never guessed that the pics he took in the late 70’s would end up for sale, on a wall in a bike shop in 2013. Crazy world.

Now that spring is sprung and the store get a bit busy, I can afford to bring on some help and that means I can get away a bit more for riding.
The Saturday group ride looks like great weather although rain is looking to come in but not till afternoon. Sunday will be another ride for me as long as its not too wet. Mid 40,s for temps has me flirting with knee warmers instead of tights. I won’t push it tho….

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Get outside!



file foto
Today spring is starting to ramp up. 37 degrees and sun at wake up means well into the 40’s.

All the ice formations on the lake’s shore are gone. Bare sand soaking up all the heat of the day. The ice can form 30 yards out when we get a cold spell. And it does take days and days to form. But when the spring temps and sun hit it just right its all gone in about 30 hours.

And today its totally gone. One can walk the beach once again.

I have not yet seen a Robin but they are here. Every morning as I walk into the store a Cardinal is singing in the tree next to. The Sandhill cranes are back. The Sheboygan river behind the store is completely open. Tons of ducks and geese.

Its all coming together and with the coming of second winter it seems spring is going to hit like a two ton heavy thing. Im preparing the store as such. Keeping temp staff at the ready for the beginning of the cycling season. Opening day is soon.

Soon my morning rides will start. Soon I will not need to carry as much clothing in my backpack for riding, ditching the thermal tights for knee warmers, etc. The lingering snow will keep us out of the woods for awhile but a few warmer, windy days will dry the trails in time.

This will all be very soon.



I almost never post about my weight issues anymore. Its always just sounded like I was either complaining or just feeling sorry for myself. 
Or both.

I guess its cuz I can carry it for the most part. Even with the weight I still ride good enough to race and group ride (for the most part). I always thought I was about the fastest fat guy on a bike. So… I just rolled with it so to speak. Then, in just the last few years, the weight started taking a toll on my body. 
First off, I need a CPAP machine to sleep. Then, last year I find out my knee is shot and needs a complete replacement. It hurts everyday. Thats not a direct fault of my weight but Im sure it contributed.
Now, I have a hip thats going bad. Again, not just because Im overweight but the extra work my joints are doing is taking a toll.

Im not sure when my mind will be strong enough to lose the weight, but my time is running out on my active life. Left unchecked I could be off the bike in just several years. Not completely off the bike but not racing or riding hard with the group rides. Riding how I like to ride.

Right now I cant walk well. I could not walk more than 20 minutes until the pain in my joints screams at me. As far as cardio, I believe my heart is as strong as I horse. My heart rate is strong. At 52 years old I can still hit the upper 180’s. An hour long race I can average 170. So I can still pedal pretty hard. Its just all my joints form my waist down is going to hell fast. Its more of a mechanical issue.

And losing weight wont fix that but would make things easier to tolerate. My problem is that I just cant lose weight by just eating less. I could eat less, but then I feel like crap all the time. Back in 2008 I went thru a tough patch in my life and lost 40 pounds by starving myself. I was faster on the bike and felt like shit 90% of the time. Im pretty sure I did more damaged my body and did more harm than good.

Im going to need that knee replacement someday. And Im putting it off as long as I can. Maybe wait until they can add a hip to that too. Do it in one swing.
Or maybe not do it at all.
Whatever. As long as I can still ride like I want to ride.

So I have some decisions to make. I know what I need to do. I just have a hard time doing it long term. But someday its going to come to do it or stop living the life I have now have. At what point it does not come as a decision at all. At what point will it be a necessity?

I just need to do it for real and shut up about it.
Maybe someday.



Saturday group ride

Finally we got a good group on the Saturday ride. Two road bikes, three cross bikes and the rest MTB’s Nice mix.

Its been since forever that I rode in a group. And it showed. While to me it was apparent that I was out of touch and out of shape I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone else was too. All the skiing in the world still cant replace the art of peddling in a group. Some riders very much stronger than I fell off the back. Looks we all have some work to do.
I was just happy to put 40 miles on a bike with a drop bar. For the little I have been riding, its been the fatbike since December. It was nice to put in some road miles on the crossbike. And this bike will be the weapon of choice for the next month or so. Also a time where I will be building up my road ride. Looking at the 10 day, looks like the weather dudes upped the temps, with consistent 40’s in 5 days. Bring it.

I had hoped to get another ride in Sunday but snowy wet roads had me decide to head back up to Sturgeon Bay to watch a few big ships leave port after several months downtime. We spent three hours there but even tho two ships were tethered to a tug, they did not leave while I was there. But we did see one come in to take the empty slip of the Oberstar that left in the morning (we missed it by just an hour).

Pushing and pulling in

So it was not a complete bust. Soon all the USA ships will be gone and the Canadian ships will come in. This is the Algosoo, from Canada.
So all in all a good weekend. Now that the cross bike is up and running my thoughts will turn to a morning or two of cold rides starting every week. My goal this time of year is 10 hours per week. Sounds easy. For me is not.