Backed in the garage for a full blown run at the snow. I got about 10 feet.

Not sure what to say. Almost 17 inches of snow overnight. Huge drifts. A month ago I might have been pumped, but not so much today. I guess I really am past the designated pray for snow time. The video is about as stuck as a little crappy in the snow car can get. I hate when that happens.

Where was this two months ago. As of 1pm, my car is still stuck in the drive. Plow guy wont get to me until late afternoon. I hitched a ride to the store. Nothing going on. Streets around the store are not even passable with a car yet.
I should of just called a snow day.

The snow is mostly lake snow. Inland did not get near as much, which is opposite of what usually happens. With the planned store move tomorrow and Sunday, I will also try to get a grooming in tomorrow morn. 

That’s about it for now. Prepping for the move. I expect a run on ski rentals and will prepare to handle that along with the move.

Next time we talk it will be game on, truck rented, full blown moving mode.
Wish me luck.


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