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So here is my backyard this morn. Pretty much a pond. Soon to be a frozen pond as temps will fall all day to the single digits tonite.
Its been such a weird winter. Huge temp swings.
Apparently, its going to change to snow soon and dump maybe 5 inches.

I’ll get pics of the new store up soon. Things are just moving so fast now. In a perfect world I want to be in there in 3 weeks. But its more likely a month. I already have a crew in there working in the new store while I hold down the old one. Lots to do.

Again, I’ll be preoccupied the next few weeks so posting might be a bit slower. With the new snow, maybe some skiing this weekend. Will see.

In the retail biz, you always are thinking ahead. Im already planning my spring stuff. Bike orders, sale dates and the such. With this crappy winter Im happy to do so. Really, in 4 weeks is the beginning of March and I will wish winter away. I think the second year I was open I had my spring bike sale the second week of April and it snowed.
Im planning my demo bikes also. Thats always a good time. Like a kid in a candy store I guess. As usual, Im going with a Domane for road and a Superfly for not road.
Doing this as I watch it snow like crazy outside. 
Im afraid to say bring it, cuz it might stop then.



Not good. 845am

How can I not complain?  This is wrong in so many ways.
Im not going to post on the crappy weather.

Well, that’s because I have bigger fish to fry. This morn I signed a lease to move the store to a bigger, better location.  I guess its official and the ink has yet to dry on the paperwork. Change of address is a pain.
Ive got to cut this post short. My head is swimming.

As so it begins. I want to be in that location in 3 weeks.
That means this will consume me.
14 hour days.
Not knowing what day it is.
I will miss my family.
A hope like hell it was worth it.
Pics pending



As I followed all the big ships I learned some of them winter in Sturgeon Bay, about an hour and a half drive from my house. So yesterday (Sunday) I had time to take a drive over to see whats there. There were 9 ships total, with 5 being pretty big, and 3 of them I have seen sailing past my Happy Place in the mornings. This one, the Wilfred Sykes, the Calumet and one that I saw to start this hobby off, the Oberstar.

The ship that started it all. Getting some  R&R.
The James Oberstar was the ship I saw crazy close to the shore while on a winter beach ride. After I posted about it a buddy sent me the link to the site that lets you track the ships. So I watched this guy from Indiana to Duluth and back again.
And now it sits here, frozen and getting some work done.

There was a few ships in a slip getting worked on. Those you could not see very well.
But there were several very large ships that seemed to not even fit in a slip.

Its a biggen….
The Paul R Tregurtha is flippin huge. It did not fit in any dock so it sits outside. I have never seen this one in open water.

I had to go to the other side of the bay to get this pic. You really cant get that close to them.

So I guess its just hanging out here for awhile. Until the winter (what winter?) breaks. There are no more ships out on the lake anymore.

Saturday had a bike ride in the morn. All week I was looking at the weather (as I usually do) and it was calling for near 30 degrees that day. So I never paid any more attention to the specifics. At home Saturday morn I dressed for a warmer group ride. I get to the store at 730am and cant help to notice that its 5 degrees. Epic clothing fail.
All my cold stuff is home.
So I beg and borrow from others that arrive at the store and scored a balaclava. I didnt even have my ears covered with what I had.  I also went with one less layer on top and that hurt me. I did manage a 2 hour ride with some woods and beach. I rode the 9zero7 so I opted not to road ride to the restaurant and just flipped and headed back.
So let me get this straight  Saturday morn it was 5 degrees. Monday into Tuesday its 47 and rain, then Wednesday nite back to 3 degrees.
While Im sick of this weather I just gatta stop complaining about it.
Or it will consume me.
The spin bike comes up from the basement today.
And Im getting closer to using it.