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Im a biker first, skier second. A huge amount of our group is the opposite.  With the current snow we lose them till spring. While I like to ski, I would never pass up a perfectly good bike ride to do it. That said…

I have yet to get out on the snow. Not by choice  First off, the store has been rockin’ since the snow fell a week ago. Everybody was starved for skiing\snowshoeing and it hit the store like a two ton heavy thing. Thats good for biz.
But work trumps play and have not had the time to get outside and play. That, and when I do ski I just grab a set of rentals from the store and go. However, we have been sold out of rentals almost everyday since it snowed. So I have not had the equipment to do so. Again, not complaining.

But I do love to get outside in the winter. And in the past the low end rental ski is all I used. Until now.
Every year winter I think about getting my own set. But Im just a simple classic guy and have never skate skied, and have no ambition to try, so I just grab a rental set, which is the entry level ski and go.
But today, after getting shut out of skiing the last week, pulled the trigger and ordered my very own set of classic race skis. High end stuff. Boots too. Carbon stuff.
I feel kinds quality about spending all that money on my ski’s. I feel its money wasted cuz Im not that good. Makes me kinda understand when someone off the street asks about the cost of my demo bikes and fall over when I tell them. I kinda fell over when I was told what my ski’s and boots cost. And that’s dealer cost!

Anyway, looking forward to skiing. The local parks are open. The pic above is me grooming my HP Saturday morn. So Long Ride Wednesday might just turn into a fatbike ride, and I’ll always jump in the group ride on Saturdays, but now will throw in a ski or two. Maybe one during the week before I open and one on the weekend.

As far as skating, Im sure I would like it. Im sure I could do it. But Im just not that into it. And its really expensive stuff. And really, I enjoy skiing the smaller trail systems, like the one I groom. And most of those do not set skate trail. Just classic.

And that describes me. Just classic.
Have a safe Holiday!



Its snowing like crazy! 915am

What snow the lake took away last week is being paid back today.  Huge lake effect snow this morning. All day heading into tonite. Ive seen this type of thing dump 6 more inches in the park than anywhere else so its fingers crossed. I may have to ditch the group ride in the morning for grooming…..

Yesterday me and a buddy heading over to The Northern Kettles trail system we call Greenbush and planned a fatbike ride on the bike trails there. In the winter those trails get snowshoed so we thought we were good to go as the snow looked pretty packed down.

But alas, the snow was way too deep and too soft. We struggled to stay upright. I had the tire pressure down to 8psi and still not enough float. I should have brought the Moonlander.

We did ditch the single track and ran some snowmobile trails and those were a little better but still way too soft. But I think once this snow firms up a bit those trails would be rideable.
So we will just have to wait for the conditions to change for any fatbike sno adventures.

The store has been crazy good. Ski rentals off the hook. Trying to make up for last years shutout. Past 3 years I have rented out twice. I have already rented out twice in the last 4 days. And I added a few sets to the rental fleet to make it 20 this year.
So thats a good thing. Its taking all my time, 10 hours a day in the store for me.

Other than that, Im getting serious again on the Weightwatchers front. Im happy with the Holidays lull in weight loss, I held my own and did not gain. And my activity is way off the last two weeks with the Holidays and being sick earlier.

As far as activity, the deeper snow might just kick us off the beach and such, but now its game on with the skiing. Only problem is, I just grab a rental set when I head out and there has been none for me of late.
So today I pull the trigger and buy my own personal set.
I still do not skateski. Im a classic guy to the end. I just like skiing the smaller trail systems, like my Happy Place. The smaller systems do not groom for skate. And every now and then I blaze my own trail. So as much fun as skating looks, Im getting a premium set of classics’s.
I have not skied yet but hope to soon. My ski’s wont get here for at least a week.

But when they do come, its game on. As much as I hope to rent out again this weekend, I kinda hope there’s maybe one set left for me…..
Have a great weekend. Get outside!




Didn’t think I would get the time to post, but as it turns out I have quite some time today. Took that time to pull off a Christmas Day ride for the first time(for me).
The Surly Trucker was the weapon of choice. I was not sure if I was going to road it or woods or beach. So I took the bike that can do it all.
Grabbed my iPod, hit shuffle and off I went. While I still was not sure where the hell I was going I had a pretty good idea. When the beach’s are froze and hiway smooth you pretty much have to do it. These conditions can reverse and anytime. So beach it was.

Tail winds had me rolling near 20mph as i headed south. I knew, as Im sure you all do to, that the way back north would not be as fun but I really just did not care. Rolling fast and easy, just a feet from waters edge with iPod blasting Greenday. This was a good ride.

Until a rookie mistake. Rolling up to the first water crossing. Riding 15 miles on the beach has us riding across 4 or so water crossings. Small creeks and such that empty into the lake. Some are always small. Some can get quite large with strong current. Years of beach riding has us pretty much figuring out if one of these is too big. Or not.
So I rolled up to the first, not so big crossing. Looks pretty tame. Maybe 6 inches deep and 5 feet long. We do these with our eyes closed but I guess I was deep in thought or something and made pretty much a rookie move.
Like I said, it was only about 6 inches deep but the water was moving fast. So that means under the water is soft sand. Slower water means the bottom is froze. So, I rolled in way too slow, front tire sunk in sand, still clipped in, came to a complete stop, balanced for a split second, has one of those “oh shit” moments when you know whats going to happen, and over I went into the water with both feet still in the pedals.
I got kinda wet but had a bunch of layers on so thought I was good there. But as I laid in the water I noticed my right shifter was under water. So I knew I had about 30 seconds to find the right gear that I was going to use the rest of the day. At 20 degrees I had no more than that so I centered the chain on the cassette and not a second too soon as the shifter froze.

I felt fine but was about an hour out so I flipped it and rode back basically singled out in the rear. The headwind seemed to hurt a bit more than I thought it would. I still enjoyed the ride home on the beach. I bit colder tho. In fact, just a few miles from the store I was full on cold and I found out why. It was a balmy 22 degrees when I left and now two hours later, is 17 degrees. That was a bit strange.
Every now and then I get a ride in that is unique. Today was one of those ride. My first Christmas day ride and then just being stupid at that water crossing. Just about 2 hours and 24 miles. I remember rides for strange reasons. Some rides I forget about in days. Some, for what ever reason, big or small I remember forever.
I’ll remember this one. I think.
Have a awesome Christmas.


Sunday Fatbike ride

Its Sunday nite and I guess I gatta post when I get the chance.Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and due to my family’s work schedule is the day we get together. So no time to post in the morn. Also, on top of that the store is open noon to 3pm. So its a busy day for me. Also going to pass on posting Xmas day too.

Saturday I had a busy day planned at the store and had to be there to open at 10am so I had to cut the group ride short. I did manage about a hour and a half tho. Mostly beach riding. I was riding the 9zero7. I rode that bike both days this weekend.
Both days the beach was a hiway. A little icy on Saturday but come Sunday the ice was gone and the riding was easy.
Sunday was our biweekly fatbike ride.
A very nice ride with good friends. A few new faces. 25 miles of mostly beach with a little woods at the end. Pretty sure fun was had by all.
With all the busy holiday stuff on Monday, leaves me open on Christmas day for a ride. Thats a first for me and right now I am planning a bit of a road ride with the Disc Trucker. It will be a solo ride but thats OK. Its been a long time since I had a 3 hour solo ride. Charged iPod in hand.

So its going to be a bit strange Christmas but enjoyable I believe. Next post should be Wednesday.
Have a great Christmas!