Ive said this a million times but Im amazed at the quality of the camera my Galaxy has. I almost never have my camera with me anymore.
HP visits are getting better. More solitude=quality time.

Today Im at the shop all day open to close. Not the best scenario for riding but a little time off the bike is needed as my ribs took a turn for the worst after riding my Superfly for the last time Sunday. Monday had me back on ibuprofin. Today they seem better. Besides the only bike I have to ride is crosspinky. Smooth road rides…..

I did sell my Iceman entry. Glad it went to a good home. So with that ends any racing this summer. I just did two but they were good ones. So Im happy with it.

Speaking of, this weekend our MTB race and the next few days will be thinking of that. I have decided not to vend as I just do not have the help or the means to haul all that stuff out there. And with me taking on directer duty’s starting next year I will want to observe a bit more.
I do plan on a ride tomorrow as I will have a little help in store and I can break away a bit. Other than that, that’s all I got today.


Wa da ya think?

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