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A pretty steller morn. Sun is out. Huge lightning last nite. I think they call it “heat lightning” and Im not sure why. We always heard that phrase growing up. Its something you say to little kids that are scared. No worries, it just heat lightning.


This is my riding stuff bag. It goes everywhere I go. Always at the store or in the car. I need to be prepared to ride at anytime of day. I put more thought in this bag than most issues in my life. It is orginized and near perfect. 

In this bag every Monday morn is…
  • 4 complete kits
  • 2 pairs of  gloves (long and short finger)
  • Armwarmers
  • 6 headsweats
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 2 towels
  • 1 tube of DZ Nuts
  • 2 waterbottles
  • 2 sandwich baggies for cell phone
  • Garmin (full charged)
  • Sunscreen
  • iPod (full charged)
  • Assortment of Honey Stinger bars and chews
  • Small tub of Cytomax (citrus)

Every Sunday nite I go thru, make sure all the proper garments are washed and packed. I take invintory to make sure I have at least a weeks worth of stuff. If 4 kits are not enough I do have a couple old backups at the store just in case Im having a good week.

A really good week has me restocking on Thursday.


Another pretty good riding weekend in the books. Saturday had me rolling with the group ride at least until I had to “flippit” and get back to the store for work.

While the saddle time was good this weekend, I made up for an almost perfect summer. Up until Friday I was pitching a no hitter this summer in regards to flats. I had none.

Actually it was during a two hour ride Thursday my rear tire went down. First time. And it was no biggie as I was just 15 minute from home so one CO2 filled it and I made it back no prob. While I did lose air I did not count that as I did not have to change the tube on the street. In fact, I did not change it till Friday. And when I did I had a gunshot explosion. Another tube in the garbage. Good thing I dont pay retail.  And noticed I had a huge cut on the tire that I could not really see unless it was aired up. Bummer. Tire in the garbage. 
So I looked around the store for a replacement but since I was running a 25c I did not have one in my personal bike stuff pile. So I did something I almost never do.
I walked out on the floor and grabbed a set of Conti 4000s’s. I never grab stuff off the floor for myself. If I like something I might order it later but never off the floor.
But I had a lot of time in the saddle planned this weekend, and I can replace them later so I did it. I prefer 25’s but these were of course 23’s. Whatever. I just wanted to ride.
So I make the change and am having a great group ride Saturday, I was in the game. The whole time. Even pulling. Then, to my dismay. Another flat. On a tire thats got 30 miles on it. I am just imagining another cut. Thinking that Im out over a hundred bucks of tires and tubes in two days. So I change it and cant find anything wrong. Nothing.
After I got back to the store I took it apart and looked again. Nothing. 
Those flats are the worst as you never know what the hell happened. And you expect it to happen again anytime. It didnt. 
Sunday was an awesome (with no tire issues). It was one of those rides where you stop a lot to look at stuff. Sun was out. Heat was down. iPod was on.
About 7 hours total this weekend. Everything is on schedule.
If I had a schedule. Which I dont. But if I did.




Got a late start today. Not sure why I overslept. I guess I don’t need a reason to do that. I just can. HP was in prime form today. Here’s your token pic.
Since the store does not open till 10am one would think that I would have a plethora of activities done by then. Heck, I don’t even need to be here by 10. When the store is staffed anytime before noon would work. So one would think it would be game on.
Im almost ashamed to say its not. Here we are the end of July and I maybe rode my bike three times before work this summer. That’s nuts!
I am disappointed in myself.

Its not too late. I can easily get 8 hours a week in before the store opens. Easy.
And starting next week will make a conscious effort to do so. Before I head home I will prep the bike of choice. In fact prep two in case I change my mind. In fact, I should make it a thing to have the guys prep ALL my bikes before they leave to minimise my excuse list.
I will ditch the drive over to my HP and make it a ride. Coffee will have to wait till I get back. (is that even possible?)

I remember when I lost a bunch a weight 4 years ago one of the main things that caused that was the fact that I rode early in the morn. Right after I woke. And I rode pretty hard. And did so before I ate anything. On an empty stomach
Thats the plan for the next month. Lets see where that takes me.

My fitness is returning. Step two is weight loss.
Im looking at about 6 to 8 hours in the saddle this weekend.

Have a good weekend. Weather look pretty good.



My buddy. Got too close with the camera. Rookie mistake.

So I made the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group Ride (WNWSGR) for the first time in quite a while. I believe this is only the third of the summer. Had an unexpected rider on one of the bikes. By the size I guess its a female and she held on for about 5 miles before she decided that it was time to go.
I only lasted a few more miles than her.
27 minutes to be exact. But that was my decision, not the groups. The group was great waiting for me after the first climb but it was after that effort that I decided to pull the plug early. I had, what they would call in the tour as a “stomach ailment”.
I really did not feel well after the first hard effort and decided if I were to continue would be just putting off the solo inevitable. So I pulled and solo’ed 20 miles.
I really had no idea it was that hot. Almost 100 at ride time. Some days I get to the store at 830am and dont even peek outside till I leave at 7pm.
So as I prepped for the ride around 4pm I was not aware. Until I walked out of the store and as usual running late.
I did not get to eat or drink all day. And knew in the back of my mind this was going to be a short group ride for me. I need to be at 110% to be in this game and no way at 100 degrees was I going to get there. Maybe I did the smart thing by backing off my effort. Live to fight another day. I was not bummed. I had a nice ride. Just over an hour.

I have decided to not get a new cross bike. That means that Pinky will once again get the call. It was in the basement in 1 by 9 mode from winter configuration a last year. I will stick some money into her and its starting with full SRAM Apex. Then it will be deciding what wheels to run. I do have a pair of Easton EC 90 tubeies to run. I dont like running tubular for goofing off riding. But Ive done it before. Its crazy how fast cross gets on peoples minds after the Tour.

Mine included.