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Hello Domane
Goodbye Madone
Another huge gap in posts. But really just one day. I skip a day and it feels like forever. Lot going on in my world the last few days. First off, Trek’s Domane showed up at the store so it was a race to build and ride. Just like a teenage schoolgirl trying to choose what top to wear ( stole that one from mean guy) I now have a plethora of bikes to ride.
Not really cuz the Madone was presold and is leaving today. Happy owner is pumped. I have no more than 10 rides on that bike.

I decided to go with less green on the Domane and I think I made the right decision. While, to me, green is still the new pink I kinda went overboard on it. I also went with a normal road crank instead of compact. This is the first non compact bike I have since about 2008. It seems fine to me. I have the power.

So whats up with the Domane. First off, its pronounced ” Doh Mah Nee”. Thats just weird. Im calling it ” Doe Mane”. That sounds better to me. Easier to say.
I have three rides on the bike and about 100 miles and I like it. If I were crit racing I would stay with the Madone but since I don’t, and just group ride and stuff, will prefer the Domane on the long rides.
Not saying its slow. It is not. Same fast responce as a Madone. Close to same weight also. I have not weighed it yet but its very close. Does that iso-thingie work. Yes. Yes it does. As some thought, you can not see it move. Its not a suspension.
 You do not even know its there. What 
I can feel is the edge off all the cracks and potholes. Its noticeable. Its works. For real. You really do get a better ride with no sacrifice in performance. Head tube size is right between H2 and H3 so its perfect for me. Wheel base is just a bit longer than the Madone and I did not notice.

So as Fabian says, it keeps you fresher on the longer rides. So for the way I ride, its a Domane from now on. And yes, its Ultegra Di as the Madone was.
So out go’s the Madone and in with the Domane.
Its a 56cm frame. And is available for pre sale. You can have it Oct 1st.

Ride on.



Thursdays is my ride day. Its a bit cool out. And windy and that means MTB.  And thats not a bad thing as the first race is just over a week away and I might still do it.
I have a few hours of MTBing under my belt this spring but not as much as I thought I would have had before the first race. Last year just before the first race I grabbed the Superfly and rode around the block a few times just to peddle it as the trails were in such poor shape due to the crappy spring.

This year the trails have been game on since early March so one would think I would have been on that bike a bit more. No worries. It all comes back to fitness and weight(for me) and the technical stuff comes back pretty quick. And Im feeling OK on the bike. At least good enough to finish the damn thing. And have fun doing it.

Should be in the woods by 1pm today.

And as I type my Domane came in today. So there’s a lot going on here today. So I better get to it if Im going to hit the woods….

More on the Domane tomorrow.


The saying go’s that the older you get the higher your stem. That’s been true for me. If you look here you will notice my bar and seat are just about even. True, I can actually can ride fine with the bar about 2cm’s lower and that’s most likley what my Domane will be.
But this frame is what Trek calls a H3.
Treks Projects come with 3 different head tube sizes about 20mm apart. This is the highest. And is perfect for the long century rides.
Plus to get the seat to bar ratio you dont need a stem that points to the sky. That just looks dorky on a road bike. So you get a relaxed ride and still look cool.
Thats important.

Put in a good 2 plus hour yesterday. Surprisingly felt good. That is, until I stepped on the scale this morn. This weekend did some damage. And with that I start over again.

But my legs feel good so I didn’t completely reset to zero. 

I have been bouncing between the Easton EC90’s and the Bonty D3 wheels. Both clinchers. Trying to get a feel of which one is better. It might be like splitting hairs but I will have an opinion on these wheels soon. I can say today they are both awesome.

Today is wheel gluing day. I have been appointed the tubular king of central Wisconsin. I do quite a lot of them. I seem to get most of the wheels from about a 100 square miles around the store. I dont mind. Someone has to do it.
I have a “craft shirt” that’s covered in glue. I wised up after ruining too many good tshirts. 
So, its craft day here today. That usually means a little swearing.
I don’t swear a lot by nature. But try stretching a fat rubber band around a rim that just seems too big will do that to a guy. Sometimes you just need to get angry to get the job done. Where is mean guy when I need him?

Time to get into the “tubular mindset”.



Another quality visit to the HP this morn. Sun. Eagles. Cranes.
Soon this place will be bustling with people. And I will lose it for awhile. When the kids get out of school it will be hard pressed to find a place to quietly hang.
I do have new spot picked out tho. Nice view of the lake and the dunes. And only about a 30 yard walk from the car. I tested it out today. It fits fine.

Today I have help coming in the store so Im planning a ride. I really need to ride the Madone as I have not thrown a leg over it for almost 10 days now. And its going to be gone in a few weeks. Along with the new D3 wheels. Need to put some more time on those before they go. That, and its going to be warmer today so thats just a pleasant road ride. Cooler temps later this week will put me in the woods. And thats not a bad thing with the first WORS race coming up an two weeks.
No way will I be ready for that.
Two weeks ago I was on track to be but that fell by the wayside for some reason. Which is par for me. I get in two great weeks of riding, start to feel results and then spend the next two weeks sitting at home and wasting those efforts. I really need to stop that.

Most of the time I need a push. I need to get in the group rides. I cant blow those rides off thinking I’ll ride alone the next day. That ride never comes. And I need to plan these rides early cuz I’ll get to the store and get involved in some project and neglect the bike. I do that way too much. Soon it will be warmer in the morn and it will be easier to get in a couple hours before the store opens. Since Im old Im up early anyway.

So I’ll prep the Madone soon and go.
Me, myself and iPod.